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Tech Stack

Career Opportunities

IT Systems Developer

Grembergen, Belgium // Full-time

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Full Stack Software Developer

Alicante, Spain // Full-time

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C# Developer

Dendermonde, Belgium // Full-time

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QA Engineer

Alicante, Spain // Full-time

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Located in between the big three:
Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent.

Our Core Values



Towards Colleagues
Towards Customers
Throughout Lansweeper
All of the Time



Think Before You Do
Do While You Think
Work Smarter
Not Harder



Re-invent Yourself
Re-invent the Company
Re-invent the Software
Think Outside the Box



Loving What You Do
Why You Do It
How You Do It
Really Wanting to Do It

Work Hard, Play Hard

Want More Information?


Our HR Officer Joni is happy to assist.
You can email her via or give her a call at +32 52 696 696.

Don’t see any open positions that fit your profile, or do you have something in mind that is not on our list? We are eager to meet anyone with the right skillset, knowledge and character to help build Lansweeper’s future. Let us know why we need you or have a look at available jobs in other departments.


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