Afterscanning deployments with LSpush agent.

Posted: Monday, July 2, 2018 9:54:37 PM(UTC)


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This issue has been solved! Click here to view the solution
I'm on an old version of Lansweeper and I'm wondering if this topic with LSPush.exe has been fixed.
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posted: 7/6/2018 2:27:18 PM(UTC)
Fixed is a big word as it is not a bug Whistle . This question has been asked and answered mutliple times on the forum ( https://www.lansweeper.c...fter-scan.aspx#post48141 ).

The primary reason for it not being implemented yet is that LsPush is designed to scan assets which otherwise are not scannable. If an asset can only be scanned with LsPush, it will not meet the requirements to deploy on.

There are some exceptions, primarily when assets are only online for a very short time. However, you can adjust Active Directory settings to detect newly logged on assets quicker, increasing the chance of detecting, scanning and deploying on those assets.
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posted: 7/7/2018 5:34:49 PM(UTC)
Hi Charles.X

I understand LSPush was not designed initially for after scanning deployments but, as this behavior is happening for some years now, I'm not sure if you really have any plans.d'oh!

The workaround I'm using is add to Scanning Targets, the same report I configured in the Afterscanning deployment and, schedule it to be re-scanned every 1 or 2 hours but, this usually breaks my scanning queues so I have to be looking time to time.

Lansweeper deployment is enough good, but would be greater with some design improvements:

- An agent in the machines checking if there's a new deployments
- Control which deployments are visible; some scripts/deployments can be delicated and not intended for all.
- Control who can edit deployments. A helpdesk role should not be able access to edit deployments.
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posted: 7/9/2018 9:44:54 AM(UTC)
I think using Active Directory Domain scanning would really reduce the stress you are putting on the scanning server at the moment.

The recommended method is to use Active Directory Domain scanning. If needed you can lower the interval Lansweeper uses to check for newly logged on devices. You can then combine this with an after scanning deployment which only deploys on a group of assets you specify (either with a group or a report).

At the moment, rescanning a whole group of assets every hour can cause issues if you have a lot of assets in your network and only one scanning server.

As for the permission suggestions, I agree. Those are indeed features which would be welcome and they've been asked multiple times. Unfortunately, it's not easy to implement due to the complexity of Lansweeper. We're close to announcing what's next for Lansweeper, we just want to be sure we can deliver what we promise.

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