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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2017 8:28:23 PM(UTC)


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I am a brand new user of the Lansweeper Suite and the options are a little overwhelming but informative. My company is moving away from Spiceworks and we are trying to figure out the markup language of the help desk emails sent out by Lansweeper. The text based tickets are super boring and we'd like to at least keep the format of our ticket template we created with Spiceworks if at all possible. I realize this may not be possible with some items, but as long as the look and feel remain the same I think we can live.

I understand that I can create more than a few email templates based on the type of end-user help tickets that are sent in. What I don't understand is how I can customize the HTML to grab the tags/parameters set by Lansweeper. Is there a list where I can find those? I do see the very basic list at the bottom that I can use such as %username% etc., but there has to be more than that. Are there any conditional statements I can use as well?

Also, how does one set up an autoreply for when an end-user first submits a help ticket?
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posted: 5/22/2017 10:15:54 AM(UTC)
The tags listed at the bottom of the Edit Template screen are the only tags that are currently available for use in outgoing email templates. We do have an item on our customer wishlist for expanding upon these tags. We've moved your topic to the Lansweeper wishlist section of our forum in this context and have added your feedback to the existing customer wishlist item. If you have any specific tags in mind that you'd like to see added, please let us know. At this moment in time we don't have an estimated release date for this feature though.

To send an autoreply to a user when they first submit a ticket, you can use the Ticket Creation (sent to user) auto-reply option. If you don't have this specific option, please update your Lansweeper installation to the latest version by following this guide. We recently added some auto-reply options.

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