Restrict user access to assets

Posted: Friday, January 27, 2017 3:10:49 AM(UTC)


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If we have a user in a branch office who we would like to be able to grant access to see the assets in IP location 'Branch Office' only, is this possible? If not, is there some way to restrict some users to only see a subset of assets in LANSweeper?

#1Bruce.B Member Administration Posts: 574  
posted: 1/30/2017 1:25:08 PM(UTC)
Currently in Lansweeper, any user with the Asset Management permission has read-rights to all scanned assets. It's unfortunately not possible to restrict access to certain assets while being able to view others. This kind of granular permission assignment has been requested by our customers before and is already on our customer wishlist. At this moment we can't guarantee yet that this feature will be included though and aren't able to provide you with an estimated release date.
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posted: 7/5/2017 3:36:06 PM(UTC)

Is there any update on this.

Best regards!

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posted: 8/31/2017 1:37:32 PM(UTC)
Also checking on an update to restrict user access to certain assets. I have created a bunch of medical Assets manually in Lansweeper and would now like our end users to have access to only that list of assets. With the current read access they are able to see all assets like servers, pcs, and network devices.

Just need a nice simple clean page for users to see these devices and update them without having to be overloaded with all the other devices.

#4Bruce.B Member Administration Posts: 574  
posted: 9/1/2017 2:39:55 PM(UTC)
This feature is definitely on our radar, though while it looks quite simple on the surface it requires quite a complex implementation. We're tracking feedback for this feature but it isn't yet in active development. As such I'm not able to provide you with an estimated release date or any updates on the feature.
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posted: 11/16/2017 1:08:03 AM(UTC)
We looking for the same functionality and are confused on how this could be complex to implement.

Lansweeper already has a method built with relational mapping. The 'Used By' mapping allows that user to attach the that asset to a ticket but not see any other assets not related to them. See image...

Expanding on that functionality, we created an additional relationship type named 'Managed By' and link users to assets under this tag. The intent is to correlate non-IT staff with systems that affect their department and documents on our end who to contact. Unlike the 'Contact' field, you're able to assign multiple people, if needed, to an asset. Staff can then create tickets and attach that any assets that we've designated are 'managed by' them.

Being that this method is already built in, ideally you would only need to add an additional tab (for designated users) to see a list of assets they managed. We already have reports built on this criteria (user relation mapping) and are able to pull info out of any table. Of course this all in a report format but the the functionality is there.

Lansweeper is an amazingly built product especially with the full access and documentation of the tables, so that is were we are confused on complexity of creating a read-only view of a particular asset page?

Biased off of what is already built with 'Access Management', ideally users could be allowed to..
  • View assigned assets
    Add Comments
    Add Asset Documents
    See open tickets on that asset and past tickets.
    Be notified when a new ticket is create for that asset (possibly with a filter based on ticket type)

Additional functionality would ideally include
  • Fine grain control of editing certain asset fields.
    Fine grain control of what info they can view on the asset

KyleCascade attached the following image(s):
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posted: 1/29/2018 10:35:08 PM(UTC)
I'd also like to see this feature happen to customize which assets IT staff at different business units are able to access. Either through manually configuring an ACL on each asset, a dynamic query of specific keyword in computer names, ip location, ou, or all of the above.
#7glenn.comiskey Member Posts: 1  
posted: 3/22/2018 2:23:58 PM(UTC)
This feature gets my vote.
#8Urmas Member Posts: 2  
posted: 12/29/2020 1:04:26 PM(UTC)
It has been almost 4 years since the request and still nohting is done to make this happen...

Would also like to have an option to limit user access to only reports, so they can see only that information that is on reports. It would be even better if there were a chance to limit access to only certain reports.
Anup Chhetri
#9Anup Chhetri Member Posts: 2  
posted: 1/5/2021 3:27:30 PM(UTC)
Yes, I am also waiting for this feature.

It is a very bad practice to give someone complete access to all assets in the database.

We have multiple locations and we want to restrict users to view/edit only assets from their respective locations.

Either from the IP location filtering or any other method should be possible for this.

Let’s hope Lansweeeper will make it available soon.

Cheers !
#10aamato Member Posts: 4  
posted: 11/2/2021 5:06:31 PM(UTC)
We would like to see this ass well. We will be merging Facilities based tickets with our IT tickets. The ability to assign asset types to teams would be immensely beneficial.

If that is too much at the very least just restrict asset views by asset types similar to how ticket types are handled.
#11Don Member Posts: 33  
posted: 11/2/2021 8:08:16 PM(UTC)
Yes, we need this! This has been requested by your customers starting in 2017 - Can we please get this functionality added to Lansweeper as soon as possible??

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