Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Purchase/Warranty lookup and scanning

Posted: Friday, April 3, 2015 2:07:15 AM(UTC)


Member Original PosterPosts: 4
We've just deployed 100 of these but lansweeper can't query/populate the purchase date/warranty expiration dates from Microsoft using the discovered serial. Is this planned for a future release?
#1Susan.A Member Administration Posts: 1,537  
posted: 4/3/2015 2:13:44 PM(UTC)
There are no immediate plans for this, but we'll add it to the wish list. Warranty scanning is currently supported for the following vendors: Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo and Toshiba.
#2jprateragg Member Posts: 68  
posted: 4/7/2015 4:49:59 PM(UTC)
We have a number of Surface Pros and this would be great!
#3keys_it Member Posts: 31  
posted: 6/11/2015 5:08:06 PM(UTC)
I second this wish list item. We have a number of surface pro's 1,2, and 3's and would like to see it in the Asset Summary page.
#4igotan Member Posts: 1  
posted: 8/18/2015 8:04:50 PM(UTC)
I like to see this feature too. Any progress?
#5Susan.A Member Administration Posts: 1,537  
posted: 8/27/2015 10:43:13 AM(UTC)
We don't have a release date for this feature unfortunately.
#6yallah Member Original PosterPosts: 4  
posted: 10/14/2016 3:32:17 AM(UTC)
Bump - any update or ETA?
#7nnewton Member Posts: 21  
posted: 12/22/2016 2:53:29 AM(UTC)
Unless Microsoft offer an API, I believe it will be very difficult. The MS warranty lookup for the Surfaces currently uses a captcha.


I do mine manually, but we only have about 10.
#8wxfisch Member Posts: 11  
posted: 9/11/2017 9:24:46 PM(UTC)
Any Update or ETA? This is something that would be very useful. I can do them manually for now, but we are getting ready to push these more mainstream and I am really going to need something more automated to track this.
#9Azuroth Member Posts: 12  
posted: 10/9/2017 4:25:42 PM(UTC)
This would be amazing to have, for my company has easily 100+ surfaces deployed.
#10shuriken101 Member Posts: 6  
posted: 11/5/2018 8:23:45 PM(UTC)
I think you can purchase captcha solver packages ( I don't know what they are exactly called) too for these types of issues.
#11aeble Member Posts: 2  
posted: 1/11/2021 2:24:48 PM(UTC)
Hi and sorry for digging this up.

I've been using Lansweeper before, and now I'm at a new company, where we are looking into an asset management system. Lansweeper always comes to mind, but we are undergoing a transition towards Surface tablets/laptops only.

I would love to hear, if there is a possibility for lansweeper to check warranty with MS hardware.

Thanks in advance
Mauro Alciati
#12Mauro Alciati Member Posts: 3  
posted: 8/11/2021 9:13:41 AM(UTC)
Lansweeper, any news?
#13Tougoudou Member Posts: 1  
posted: 11/17/2021 1:40:37 PM(UTC)
Any news?
Thank you
Adam J
#14Adam J Member Posts: 1  
posted: 11/29/2021 3:28:51 PM(UTC)
Also looking for updates on Surface warranty status.

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