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Solution In Motion Limited (..a SIM Group) is a standard and leading software firm that is based in Lekki Peninsula, Lagos Nigeria. We are in business to provide values and solutions across these verticals;
- Cyber security,
- Enterprise App,
- Digital Transformation,
- Technology (R&D) for our various clients and prospect
- Software Advisory

Asides from our core services, we also offer consultancy, training and technical support to our numerous clients.

Our location here in the Peninsula/ Victoria Island - Lagos is a very strategic one as we are in one of the most engaging tech communities in the whole Nigeria, which therefore means that we are close to all the relevant technology companies, FSIs, Insurance, PFAs, Oil &gas and other assorted stakeholders.
In view of this, we are prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring that we build a solid business structure. We are prepared to source for and recruit only the best employees that will help grow and sustain our cyber security business.

Our management team is comprised of individuals with the best skills and experience. All those in the management team know what it means to ensure that a business such as ours is able to attain all its intended goals and objectives. Our management team believe in our values and philosophies and are fully committed to ensuring that we are a force to reckon with.
Due to the fact that we are in a very competitive industry, where being proactive is one of the factors that allows a business exist for long, we are always on the know about the trends in the industry and even intend to create a few trends as well within our one year of operation.

Finally, our Managing Partner/Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Justice Chime is one of the top Software system engineering men in the industry and has worked in several stints. He is known for not only for being innovative but for his business acumen as well. We are confident that with him at the helm we will be able to achieve all our set goals and objectives.

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Lekki Peninsula

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