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Cheops offers License and compliancy consultancy,  ITAM solutions and dedicated services on Lansweeper technology.

Lansweeper Services

Cheops is an industry-leading provider of IT & Business Technology Services. We ensure that companies can continue to develop their business, without being overtaken by new technology or being held back by outdated technology. By using proven technology, we make companies more efficient, more productive, more adaptable, and therefore more competitive. Cheops was established in 1989 and counts over 350 employees.
Cheops is a Lansweeper partner and provides Lansweeper licenses and additional managed services to the market. Cheops offers license optimization, audit prevention, data center modernization and security assessments to customers based on high quality data discovery with Lansweeper. We use Lansweeper as the trustful data source to feed our dashboard and the reports we deliver during our projects. With Lansweeper we provide every customer the access to the relevant technical data at the depth and breadth needed to make intelligent and fact-based decisions.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions concerning License compliance, Lansweeper Implementation and Consultancy services or if you want to receive input about pricing, support services or the Cheops Managed Services.

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