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ITHealth provides proven and trusted cyber security and access management solutions exclusively to NHS organizations. Whether it's ensuring fast, reliable, and secure access for NHS mobile workers, or finding effective ways to reduce threats while improving productivity and clinical workflows, ITHealth's cost-effective solutions mean NHS systems and data are always secure, easy to access, and simple to manage.

Lansweeper Services

ITHealth uses Lansweeper’s native discovery solution and data source to underpin its Assurance Dashboard Solution; a solution which has been designed specifically for NHS organisations. The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard Solution provides a single, real-time window into the security and compliance of an NHS network enabling NHS IT teams to better manage their exposure to risk, easily report and act upon it, and provide the necessary cyber and compliance assurance swiftly and confidently to all key stakeholders. It empowers NHS IT teams to maintain a secure, vigilant and resilient IT environment and stay confidently assured at all times.

Case Studies

“It’s a solution that allows us to effectively aggregate a number of asset management and security dashboards into one central resource. We now go to one place to get a clear view of the network.” – Sean Devine, Infrastructure Manager, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard’s CareCERT automation has pretty much eradicated several hours of manual work every week.” – Gary Mullinder, IT System Administrator, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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