Chrome OS Inventory

Chrome OS Inventory

By integrating with the Google admin console, Lansweeper scans detailed information from Chromebooks managed via the admin console. Lansweeper will scan detailed hardware, user and device-specific information like serial number and operating system version.


Just like mobile devices scanned via Intune or AirWatch, our Chrome OS inventory offers an additional method of scanning to ensure that, regardless of the type of assets you have in your IT environment, Lansweeper is able to provide you with detailed data and analytics.

Gather Detailed Chromebook Data

Aside from the general Chromebook information, Lansweeper also scans detailed information about the device's hardware and operating system. This allows Lansweeper to show you even more than the amount of memory the device has, or the operating system version and platform version.

On the hardware side, Lansweeper also shows you trusted platform module data like its family, spec level and firmware version. Additionally, volume data is also detailed so you can see exactly how much free space is left on each volume and its total capacity. This way, you get a total overview of your Chrome OS inventory.

For the device itself, you can view the serial number, last enrollment time, last sync time and more.

Analyze, Alert and Audit

Gain new insight into your Chromebook fleet with Lansweeper.  With over 10 new built-in reports you can audit and get an overview of your Chromebooks fleet regarding sync and enrollment dates and times, disk space, operating system version and more.

With email alerts, you can combine alerts with reports to receive an alert when Chromebooks are running out of free disk space, have an outdated OS version and more. You can combine any Lansweeper report with email alerts to be notified.

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