Asset Uptime Calendar

What is Lansweeper’s Asset Uptime Calendar? Our Uptime Calendar is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to keep track of

Asset Radar

Asset Radar Instantly Detects Assets the Moment They Connect to the Network Lansweeper’s Asset Radar identifies assets the moment they

SNMP MIB Browser

MIB Browser: Unlimited Data on SNMP-enabled Devices The Lansweeper MIB browser is an indispensable resource to manage SNMP-enabled network devices

Windows Cluster Scanning

Rely on Lansweeper for Your Microsoft Windows Cluster Scanning Most Microsoft system administrators use a Windows Clustering feature on their

Chrome OS Inventory

Chrome OS Inventory By integrating with the Google admin console, Lansweeper scans detailed information from Chromebooks managed via the admin

In-App Notifications

Notifications Straight in Lansweeper Getting crucial information quickly is more important than ever in IT. With new vulnerabilities, security issues

SCCM Scanning

Scan Your SCCM Servers   Lansweeper can scan SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) servers and the devices they manage without

Switch Port Mapping

Find Switches by Scanning Your Network Lansweeper is an Agentless Network Discovery Software that acts as a switch port mapping

Performance Counter Scanner

Why Keep Track of Performance Counters? Performance counters provide data on how much of a system’s resources are being used.

Mobile Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management? Mobile device management (MDM software) is one of the biggest challenges in a modern IT

Cloud Server Scanning

Centralize your Cloud-Based Scanning Lansweeper serves as a centralized repository system that automatically collects the cloud data you scan for.

Custom OID Scanning

Increased Flexibility for Your Network Environment At Lansweeper we know how diverse an IT environment can be. Keeping track of

Agent-based Scanning with LsAgent

Discover Hard-to-Reach Devices Lansweeper usually scans your entire IT environment completely Agentless. However, with networks becoming increasingly mobile and complicated,

Workgroup Scanner

Discover Your Workgroup Assets with Lansweeper’s Automatically Lansweeper’s workgroup scanner is an agentless and fully automated scanning method that scans

Custom Actions

Take Control of Your Network Once you have discovered and analyzed your IT network using Lansweeper

Email Alerts

Stay Informed on What’s Going on in Your IT Environment Email alerts allow you to stay on top

Network Reports

Why Network Reports Are Necessary IT professionals who manage a company’s IT Estate want to save as much time and

File Property Scanner

What a File Property Scanner Can Mean for You If you are an IT professional, you want IT tools that

Remote Registry Scanner

Analyze Your Computers with the Greatest Detail Remote Registry refers to the service of pulling or changing data from the

Asset Location Tracking

Know Where Your Assets Are Located Asset location tracking is vital to IT asset management. If you do not know