Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities & Lifecycle Insights

On day 2 of Lansweeper's 360 user conference, Senior Product Evangelist Esben Dochy and Principal Product Manager Iain Caldwell got together on the main stage to talk about 2 new features within Lansweeper that will help you keep your environment safe from vulnerabilities: Lifecycle Information and Risk Insights. Watch this session using the link below:

Cybersecurity: Vulnerabilities & Lifecycle Management

Automated Risk Insights in Lansweeper Cloud

Lansweeper and Cybersecurity

In the past, Lansweeper has already taken steps to better support you in protecting your IT environment by showing you everything that is connected to it. The phrase "You can't protect what you don't know you have." has been used a lot to drive home just how essential IT Asset Management is to your cybersecurity. This is further evidenced by the fact that creating a reliable asset inventory is a key requirement in most industry-leading security frameworks.

You may already be familiar with Lansweeper's Vulnerability Updates and End-of-Life Audits, where the Lansweeper team shares reports and blog posts in response to known vulnerabilities or products going end-of-life. However, picking those vulnerabilities and creating a response has always been a manual process, and the vulnerabilities that draw the attention of our team, may not always be the ones that are relevant to you. In order to protect your network against possible attackers, you would need a clear view of all vulnerabilities threatening your network and which of your products are going end-of-life.

Stay on Top of Security Risks

When it comes to responding to potential threats, timeliness and full visibility are essential. One update or one patch missed on one device can put your entire network at risk of a cyberattack. Lansweeper's Risk Insights fill that information gap for vulnerabilities. Drawing on information from the NIST database, the Risk Insights area gives you a complete and up-to-date list of all known vulnerabilities that are threatening your IT environment. Every entry also contains additional details like a full description, links to additional resources, and CVSS scores. You can also see a list of all at-risk devices so that you can quickly intervene where it is needed the most.

Leverage Lifecycle Information to Prevent Obsolescence

When assets reach their end-of-life date, they become a security risk for your network, as manufacturers will no longer release any security updates or patches. Any vulnerabilities that pop up will no longer be patched, leaving your network open to attacks. Where it is available, Lansweeper now shows you your hardware End-of-Life and End-of-Support dates, as well as the status of your operating system or firmware. Keeping track of this lifecycle information allows you to retire or replace obsolete assets before they become a security risk, plan future purchases and make sure that your systems are fully supported.

Cybersecurity: Vulnerabilities & Lifecycle Management

Automated Risk Insights in Lansweeper Cloud

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