Native Cloud Scanning & The Smart Installer

After a lot of hard work, we recently launched Native Cloud Scanning section to all of our users! From now on you're able to Check the status of all scanservers linked to your site at a single glance. They are accessible from both the Scanning section and by adding the new Scanning Status widget to a dashboard.

Create multiple IP Range scanning targets in bulk through an uploaded file. Fasttrack the scanning of all the assets on your network. Create scanning targets and map credentials directly from a single form. All necessary configurations to scan your network can be set up on one single page.

Manage credentials from your Credential Vault. Now you can link them to multiple installations. Do you prefer the more traditional Mappings view? This is also available on the Cloud Platform.

We have migrated the Asset Radar settings. Take advantage of this nearly instant scanning feature to discover assets the moment they come online. We would not be the ones to exclude Exclusions! Are there assets in your inventory that you do not want to be scanned? Create an exclusion directly in the cloud!

Check the list of scanning errors, now more exhaustive and easier to navigate to troubleshoot issues. And finally, take a look at the new scanning queue! Check the status of your scanning queue instantly from the menu bar.

And talking about speed, hold on tight before accessing the Inventory: Navigating between pages or doing a search on large inventories is now blazingly fast!

But the good news does not end here. We would also like to introduce you to the The Smart installer! Download it through the application and link a new installation to a Smart Site. We have removed some steps to make the installation process much faster. We would love you to try creating a new installation using the Smart Installer and play around with the new scanning section to give us feedback on this process.

Thank you very much for being part of our user community and hope to talk to you soon in person.

Laura from Lansweeper
Product Manager

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