Lansweeper 9.0 Released: Introducing Two-way Sync & Asset Deduplication

Lansweeper 9.0 brings one of the largest sets of new features to Lansweeper Cloud as two-way syncing between your on-prem and cloud installation is now available! Deduplication of assets gets introduced and updates to on-prem notifications and more.

Two-way Sync Enabled

Lansweeper 9.0 enables two-way synchronization between your on-prem installations and your cloud site, meaning that you can start managing all your installations in one single interface. Once all your installations are updated to Lansweeper 9.0 or higher, the following functionalities which were previously greyed out will be available.

Scanning Menu

The scanning menu is now fully functional, giving you access to:

  • Trigger, create, edit or delete scanning targets.
  • Map credentials.
  • Create, edit or delete scanning exclusions.

Asset Menu

  • Deleting assets.
  • Create, edit and delete relations.
  • Manage IP locations.
  • Manage asset types.
  • Manage asset states.
  • Manage asset groups.

Access Management

Since access management is one of the core functionalities of Lansweeper cloud, create, edit and delete permissions have been added to provide full customization on who in your organization can have, create, edit or delete rights.


You can also configure the scanning server settings of any scanning server linked to your cloud site.

Asset Deduplication

In Lansweeper 9.0, asset deduplication also makes its introduction. The initial version of this highly requested feature will flag possible duplicate assets from the multiple installations linked to your cloud site to help you retain one record per unique asset.

Notification Updates

On-prem notifications have gotten a refresh and update. New icons have been added and new notifications have been added to provide more information on the status of cloud links.

Miscellaneous Changes

Alongside the many features listed above, there is even more included that is worth noting. In addition to the multi-factor authentication we released not long ago, we added an additional device confirmation component to on-prem when linking an installation to a cloud site.

Cloud knowledgebase articles have now been added to our public knowledge base. Additionally, everyone will now have access to the "Link With Cloud Site" menu in Lansweeper, however, only customers with access will be able to synchronize.

Office 365 and Intune basic authentication are now decommissioned in favor of modern authentication.