Pro Tips

Software Usage Metering

Pro Tips with Esben #46 One thing I’ve heard through the grapevines is that there a quite a number of

The Lansweeper Data Catalogue

Pro Tips with Esben #43 The Lansweeper data catalog plays a crucial role in Lansweeper, offering comprehensive device recognition capabilities

Passive Scanning

Pro Tips with Esben #39 Passive scanning is one of the newer methods of scanning in Lansweeper. Today we dive

Error Handling

Pro Tips with Esben #38 While being one of the basics, getting assets to be scanned can be a challenge

Looking at 2023

Pro Tips with Esben #37 Unlike usual, this week I won’t cover a specific topic, instead, we will take a

Deleting User Profiles

Pro Tips with Esben #36 This week we take a look at some ways to manage user profiles and ensure

User Profile Size

Pro Tips with Esben #35 This week we aim to inventory user profile sizes to get an overview of the

Auditing Browser History

Pro Tips with Esben #34 Last week I talked about Chrome extensions, this week we’re going back to browsers to

Managing Chrome Extensions

Pro Tips with Esben #33 Continuing with cybersecurity month, we’re going to look at Google Chrome. Browsers are often one

Ports Status

Pro Tips with Esben #32 October is cybersecurity month, so we’re going to look more closely at some security-related topics

Subnet Ping Sweep

Pro Tips with Esben #31 Similar to last time, we’re using another action. This time we’re going to use an

Disk Usage Visualization

Pro Tips with Esben #30 Lansweeper’s actions are something that is rarely talked about. But they have the potential to

Lifecycle Reporting

Pro Tips with Esben #29 Since Lansweeper Cloud was released in April as part of our 2022 spring release, we’ve

Updates and Uptimes

Pro Tips with Esben #25 The very first edition of Pro Tips covered Windows updates and getting more data on

Managing Drivers

Pro Tips with Esben #24 This week we take a closer look at one of the recent new features, driver

Managing Certificates

Pro Tips with Esben #23 This week we take a look at a new recent feature. Certificate scanning. As the

Monitor Monitors

Pro Tips with Esben #22 This week we take an extended look at monitors. How to use Lansweeper’s monitor data,