Senior System Engineer

We are looking for talented and driven individuals to join our fast growing team.

Senior System Engineer

Dendermonde, Belgium

A Day in the Life Of

  • You design and implement complex network and server architectures to simulate enterprise networks in our extensive lab environment which is used for development, testing and demo purposes.
  • You automate deployments of cloud and on-premise services while constantly improving yourself, IT processes and the efficiency of Lansweeper as a company.
  • As being part of our internal IT team, you share your expertise with your IT team members resulting in an even better IT environment and IT support to our colleagues.
  • Since you'll be communicating with our development team and support team very often, you share any ideas to make our company product even better.

Are You the New System Engineer at Lansweeper?

I am Someone Who

  • Wants to know how things work. Seeing the wheels on the bus go round and round just doesn't cut it for you. You want to know how the engine works.
  • Should be very proud of his work. The work you deliver is finished, complete and documented.
  • Would be a teacher if the pay is better. You can train our IT, support and development engineers in a calm and effective manner.
  • Writes scripts for breakfast. You are more efficient in writing a script than clicking 10 buttons.

I Have A

  • Senior experience (+5 years) in managing enterprise-grade servers and networks. I know all the ins and outs related to connecting networks using firewalls, routers and switches of multiple brands.
  • Experience with PowerShell, SQL, Active Directory, Exchange, etc. ...
  • Already set-up certificate services in a PKI architecture before.
  • Worked with hyper-converged infrastructure and hypervisors of multiple brands.
  • Managed Cloud Services on Azure and/or AWS.

Going for Gold?

  • Familiar with Terraform, Containerization or Docker?
  • Configured Continuous Deployment or Integration before?
  • Hosted web services on a public or private cloud?
  • Managed Linux servers or workstations?
  • Excellent ping-pong skills to defeat our System Administrator?


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