Security Content Producer

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Security Content Producer

Job Description

At Lansweeper we are on a mission to improve our customer's visibility and insight into their IT environment. As Security Content Producer at Lansweeper, you play an instrumental role in creating, curating, and growing Lansweeper's intra-product and extra-product security content as well as Lansweeper's features for delivering security content and analytics.

You are a security expert who follows and analyzes IT security feeds for vulnerabilities, advisories, and channels. Which surfaces in Lansweeper's product feeds, audits & reports, alerts, and other security features. As a key part of the Lansweeper product team, you will work hand in hand with product managers and the engineering team to develop, evolve, and continually improve how customers experience security content in Lansweeper.

This role requires a thorough understanding of current-day IT security practices and operations as well as good technical writing skills. You are capable of producing presentations, blogs, whitepapers, video materials, as well as live and pre-recorded webinars featuring general security news, security best practices, and demos showcasing Lansweeper's security features.

Key Responsibilities

  • Be the Lansweeper security content (threats, vulnerabilities, and trends) expert.
  • Monitor and analyze cybersecurity feeds to identify new cybersecurity threats and trends for Lansweeper's intra-product and extra-product feeds and alerts.
  • Curate Lansweeper's security alerts feed, audits, and reports.
  • Build and manage a process structure for Lansweeper's day-to-day activities around IT security features and content delivery.
  • Work closely with the marketing team to create collateral around our product IT security oriented capabilities and security as a whole.
  • Work closely with other members of the product team to provide feedback on existing and new IT security product initiatives.
  • Work closely with partners on cybersecurity initiatives and integrations.

Required Skills & Experience

As Security Content Producer at Lansweeper, you are experienced in, and passionate about IT security and vulnerability assessment. You provide Lansweeper customers with the information to improve their cybersecurity along with general tips and best practices. You are an analytic thinker with a passion for delivering detailed, high-quality work. To handle the unpredictable nature of vulnerability reports, you're an excellent time manager and can prioritize your work on the fly. You maintain a keen understanding of relevant security market trends.

Specific Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in security operations, vulnerability assessment or relevant equivalent.
  • Understanding of current technology & trends around IT Security, SecOps, and vulnerability detection/assessment.
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills (CEFR C1).
  • Fast learner who operates well in a dynamic, high-paced, and collaborative environment.
  • Customer-focused, comfortable doing live presentations, webinars, and creating advisories, white papers, blogs and more.
  • Experience creating various forms of content: including advisories, white papers, blogs, how-to instructions, etc.
  • A good understanding of SQL queries and SQL databases to create Lansweeper analytics is a strong plus.
  • Product Management or Product Marketing experience is a plus.
  • Experience with auditing and compliance around CIS, HIPAA, CISSP, NIST, etc. is a plus.
  • BS recommended. MBA or other advanced degree is a plus.

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