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Product Manager - Software & Security


Job Description

At Lansweeper we are on a mission to improve our customer's visibility and insight into their IT environment. As Product Manager for IT Security in Lansweeper, you will play an instrumental role in evolving, evangelizing, and growing the Software Security and Vulnerability detection, reporting, and intelligence capabilities and integrations within Lansweeper for our customers and partners. You will also be responsible for customers' software catalog normalization capabilities.

This key high visibility position calls for self-motivation; business savvy and technical evangelism; and a keen understanding of the IT security market and the software asset management market (SAM). This role will call on you to work with all areas of our organization: from Engineering to Sales and Support, to Marketing and Finance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working closely with the engineering team to create and prioritize clear, detailed, and timely product feature requirements for security and vulnerability detection, reporting, and intelligence capabilities for our customers and Cybersecurity/SecOps partners.
  • Working closely with the engineering team to create and prioritize clear, detailed, and timely product feature requirements for the metadata normalization of software in our customer's software asset catalogs.
  • Working closely with Engineering to maintain and guide the Engineering development progress of Security and SAM features and capabilities.
  • Providing regular executive check-ins to discuss ongoing adjustments to the project scope and schedule, and to escalate key decisions.
  • Working closely with customers and partners from all over the world to understand their IT Security needs in Lansweeper.
  • Working with Marketing to drive the Security and Vulnerabilities customer-facing messaging and market positioning for Lansweeper's Security capabilities.
  • Supporting Lansweeper's outbound communications via white papers, webinars, blogs, videos, press interviews, events, etc., working closely with marketing on product messaging & collateral.
  • Track the Lansweeper's market performance and competitiveness in IT Security/SecOps/Cyber Security, conducting win-loss analysis as well as competitive analysis to understand the key drivers for Lansweeper in the Security space.

Required Skills & Experience

As Product Manager for Lansweeper's IT Cyber Security capabilities you are experienced in and passionate about IT Cyber Security and SecOps. You are a visionary who can swiftly grasp and communicate new concepts and requirements.  You have a passion for quality and detail, sound judgment and the ability to make swift but well-informed decisions. You maintain a keen understanding of relevant Security market trends. You have a passion for your work, and are self-directed, inspiring others with your vision and action.

Specific Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience as a Product Manager, Product Leader or relevant equivalent.
  • Understanding of current technology & trends around Cyber Security, SecOps, and Vulnerability Detection.
  • Understanding of or capability to quickly learn technology & trends around software asset management and metadata requirements.
  • Skilled communicator and leader, with excellent written and verbal English communication skills (CEFR C1).
  • Ability to articulate a clear business vision, and to clearly document, communicate, and prioritize complex requirements.
  • Strong project management skills: organized, with attention to detail, and able to manage large projects with complex interdependencies.
  • Fast learner who operates well in a dynamic, high-paced, and collaborative environment.
  • Customer focused, comfortable working one-on-one with customers, as well as one-to-many via live presentations, webinars, blogs, and more.
  • Experience working with analysts and media, and able to generate various forms of content: including byline articles, white papers, blogs, how-to videos, and more.
  • BS recommended. MBA or other advanced degree is a plus.


This position will be in either our Belgium (Grembergen) or Spain (Alicante) office.  Highly qualified applicants in the U.S. or Europe will also be considered.

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