Modern overhead projectors or beamers for professional environments are often networked. They connect to the network via RS232, AMX or the LAN. When a projector is connected to the LAN, Lansweeper scans it automatically via SNMP, the standard network management protocol.

Other, non-networked projectors can be added manually, which is useful for stock management purposes. For example, you can keep track of who is borrowing a beamer by adding a user-asset relation.

It's interesting to keep track of which beamers are in use. Beamers are energy-intensive and require a new lamp every 50 to 6000 hours, depending on the model, lamp type and air filter. For this reason, it can also be useful to add a comment to the asset page whenever maintenance occured.

Information scanned from beamer

Lansweeper will scan the following details from a beamer:

  • Online status
  • Manufacturer and model
  • IP address and IP location
  • Unique MAC address


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