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Scan IP Addresses in Your Network Rapidly & Accurately.
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A Fast & Advanced Network IP Scanner

Lansweeper is an Advanced IP Scanner that scans all available ports to retrieve detailed information. It offers a variety of IP scanning targets within a fully configurable and user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable tool for network administrators to manage their entire IT Network Inventory.

Scan Your Network Agentless by IP Range

Scan any IP range automatically or on demand to find Windows, Mac and Linux assets without installing any software on your assets. Customize scans to your needs and include or exclude IPs via an easy-to-use interface. Configure not just subnets but any IP range you’re looking to discover and specify a separate scanning schedule for each range. At the scheduled times, IP address range scanning adds the submitted ranges to your scanning queue.

Delve Into a Wealth of Detailed Information

Get a complete and up-to-date overview of all your assets thanks to to Lansweeper’s IP scanner. External and external IP addresses, logged-on users, configured accounts, device uptimes – Lansweeper identifies it all. Scanning IP addresses is only the beginning. Once you truly know your network, you can start building on valuable insights to optimize every aspect of your IT environment.

Your Local Lansweeper Partner in Scandinavia

Draware is a Danish software and security expertise company founded in 1995 with around 1.000 Danish and Nordic customers. Draware provides you with technically competent experts for pre-sales questions, installations, and configurations. Draware also provides the expertise, software solutions and security projects based on the CIS® controls to bring your organization to a security posture that matches the risks that your business is facing.

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