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Which ports is Lansweeper using

Last updated on December 02 2014

Service and website to SQL server.
Port: 1433/TCP
INF: TCP Ports Needed for Communication to SQL Server Through a Firewall

Clients to Service. (if lsclient or lspush is used)
Port: 9524/TCP (this port must be open on the firewall of the lansweeper scanning server)

Service to windows clients.
1) Port: 135/TCP (DCOM to Establish initial session for WMI)
2) Random ports (WMI Data)
Connecting to WMI on a remote computer (MSDN)
Setting up a fixed port for WMI (MSDN)

Service to active directory domain controllers.
Port: 389/TCP (LDAP)

Service to Linux, Apple Mac machines.
Port: 22/TCP (SSH)

Service to Vmware servers.
Port: 443/TCP (HTTPS)

Device detection by IP range scanning.
Port: 21 (FTP)
Port: 22 (SSH)
Port: 23 (Telnet)
Port: 25 (SMTP)
Port: 80 (HTTP)
Port: 135 (EPMAP)
Port: 139 (NetBIOS Session Service)
Port: 161 (SNMP)
Port: 443 (HTTPS)
Port: 445 (SMB)
Port: 5060 (SIP)
Port: 9100 (Jetdirect)