How to invoke lansweeper API web service in order to get a list of Assets and Software?

Posted: Monday, August 21, 2017 3:59:05 PM(UTC)


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I have external application where I would like to retrieve Assets and Software data using the web service (SOAP or REST API) in order to get a list of Assets and Software and to have them in that external application?
Is this possible?

Can I invoke list of Assets and Software?

How to retrieve list of assets what will be the most recommendable way in order to transfer data from lansweeper database to some other database?

Thank you in advance,
#1Bruce.B Member Administration Posts: 562  
posted: 8/28/2017 12:19:10 PM(UTC)
Unfortunately, Lansweeper currently only offers and API for the helpdesk module to create, retrieve or update tickets. An asset API has been requested before and is already on our customer wishlist. We've moved your topic to the wishlist section of our forum in this context. For now we don't have an estimated release date yet for an asset API.

The way we'd recommend retrieving information from your Lansweeper database currently would be via SQL queries. You could create a view that contains all the information you're looking for and export/import it. If you want to interface with your Lansweeper database externally, the connectionstring of your Lansweeper database can be found in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\lansweeperservice.exe.config on your Lansweeper server or by opening ConfigEditor.exe under Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools if you're on version 6.0.100.
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posted: 7/13/2018 2:20:27 PM(UTC)
Restful API is increasing in weight as a requirement for solutions in our environment and it appears that it will become a must-have. The initial reason this has been important has been integration and the increasingly important reason is automation. Lansweeper may find that it will lose current customers or not gain new customers due to the absence of an API.

One workaround we are exploring is a third-party solution in front of the SQL back-end such as is described here:

#3srimandarbha Member Posts: 3  
posted: 12/4/2018 8:04:14 PM(UTC)
Any update of this in the latest version
#4erankave Member Posts: 9  
posted: 5/20/2019 8:49:56 AM(UTC)
We would be interested in the progress as well.
#5ufficioced Member Posts: 50  
posted: 11/19/2019 12:24:17 PM(UTC)
this could be very interesting, any news?
#6Fabio Member Posts: 4  
posted: 2/12/2020 10:22:10 AM(UTC)
any news?
Tim Walsh
#7Tim Walsh Member Posts: 2  
posted: 4/22/2020 5:52:33 PM(UTC)
Any news on this? It's a major hindrance to our workflow, as lansweeper holds some organizational data in custom fields. I want to be able to set that data programaticly.
#8dhoward Member Posts: 8  
posted: 7/23/2020 6:52:48 PM(UTC)
Please add me to the list of customers who would love to see an Asset API!
#9JacobH Member Posts: 176  
posted: 8/5/2020 4:57:19 PM(UTC)
Bump - would be a huge help if we had this, for integrations with other apps.
#10Termont Member Posts: 1  
posted: 11/26/2020 10:49:44 PM(UTC)
Bump. Cuz it'd be about time.

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