Lansweeper server requirements:
Windows 2003 or higher, Windows XP or higher (Windows server recommended)
Dotnet framework 4.0 or higher.
SQL Compact (free) or SQL Express (free) or SQL server 2000 or higher.

Lansweeper client requirements:
Windows 2000 or higher.
Windows home clients are only supported with Lspush scanning.

Network device requirements:
Snmp version 1/2 or 3 enabled.

Linux/Mac client requirements:
SSH server enabled.

Latest updates and bug fixes:

Version, Lspush (17 January 2017)

  • Fixed: #516214 Deploying on a single asset within an installation with multiple scanning servers triggers a deployment log entry for all scanning servers, even though the deployment was only performed by one
  • Fixed: #515100 Ticket custom fields that contain an apostrophe are not always saved correctly, e.g. in radiobutton lists
  • Fixed: #514867 When configuring a custom language under Configuration\Translations, the use of apostrophes can cause issues with ticket filters and other functionalities in the Helpdesk menu
  • Fixed: #516465 Scheduled deployments on dynamic asset groups are run for only one asset after the first scheduled run
  • Fixed: #512935 Advanced actions don't prompt for confirmation even if they are configured to prompt
  • Fixed: #509523 Computer webpages indicate that LsPush is out-of-date when this is not the case
  • Fixed: #509647 Lansweeper installer does not list version number of current Lansweeper installation when updating
  • Fixed: #509649 Software names under Software\Authorization that contain an ampersand (&) produce an empty software report when clicked
  • Fixed: #509847 User actions don't work when the user's displayname contains certain characters or spaces
  • Fixed: #510123 CompactToServer.exe tool not opening
  • Fixed: #510498 Error in Russian language Chrome when running HTTPS action on some assets
  • Fixed: #505209 Full Lansweeper version number is now shown on the first line of the Upgrade/New Install screen of the Lansweeper installer

Version (2 December 2016)

  • Fixed: #508531 User advanced actions only work if the basic action permission is given
  • Fixed: #508661 User actions only work for one specific AD user
  • Fixed: #497623 Cross site scripting bug could trigger remote execution
    Found by Bartlomiej Pokrzywinski and Ewerson Guimaraes from <Epam> Security Competence Center / Poland
  • Fixed: #505834 Asset type widget display issue
  • Fixed: #490759 Can't create helpdesk tickets when Internet Explorer 11 is in compatibility mode
  • Fixed: #504937 Paging drop down slided outside of frame
  • Fixed: #499700 Error when transfering reports from SQL Compact to SQL Server

Version (20 October 2016)

  • Added: #494208 Build numbers for Windows server 2016
  • Changed: #487044 Dell Warranty API from V2 to V4 (old Dell Warranty does no longer work!)
  • Fixed: #493688 Installer bugs in new installations
  • Fixed: #497625 XSS in deployment page
  • Fixed: #493342 Compliance report was no longer downloadable
  • Fixed: #493508 Server Disk Space Report
  • Fixed: #493678 German translation issue
  • Fixed: #495339 System core error when editing or creating a report
  • Fixed: #490560 CSV export issues with special characters
  • Fixed: #493732 KB article loads link in own frame
  • Fixed: #497814 'Update in progress' message hangs at login
  • Fixed: #497264 Recurring email notice when using rejection in pop3
  • Fixed: #498998 Issue with Support Company license and multiple scanning servers

Service, Website 6042, Lspush (22 September 2016)

  • Added: #483035 Latest Windows 10 build version
  • Added: #469896 Support for MSSQL 2016
  • Added: #438527 Ability to sort on custom fields
  • Added: #455704 More Adobe product keys to the scanned list
  • Added: #405041 Auto assign exclusions now also apply to tickets created in the Helpdesk
  • Added: #459140 Outgoing email templates now have 4 new tags [updatername], [updateremail], [updaterid], [subject]
  • Added: #459893 Remark that Helpdesk permissions are only for agents
  • Added: #461703 Better logging of encryption file errors on service startup
  • Added: #461740 Updated CompactToServer.exe tool
  • Changed: #465852 Using a gmail account for the helpdesk now prompts a popup with additional information
  • Changed: #459898 Renamed report 'All installed software' to 'All installed Windows software'
  • Changed: #461958 General increase in website CPU and Memory performance
  • Changed: #462642 Ticket Status can now be changed when merging tickets
  • Changed: #465468 Calendar Events links now open in a new tab
  • Changed: #467034 Extra validation for new events
  • Changed: #468056 'Access Denied' errors are now also showed for assets that where correctly scanned before
  • Changed: #469682 Added paging to the asset groups table to resolve the slower page loading
  • Changed: #470923 Api now checks for a valid email formatting
  • Changed: #470937 Ticket dispatching rules now also apply to the cc users of a ticket
  • Changed: #463434 Exported reports now have 'normal' file names
  • Changed: #474328 Added a few extra fields to the user CSV import template
  • Changed: #475024 Inline images in knowledgebase articles are no longer displayed on top of the article
  • Changed: #476625 Asset location map was limited to 200 assets
  • Changed: #480376 Adobe 10 & 11 serial key
  • Changed: #487574 Helpdesk tables added to the Database Dictionary
  • Changed: #489432 Increased the box size of the proxy port under 'Server Options'
  • Changed: #489369 Lansweeper remote deployment executable is now code signed
  • Changed: #490171 Reports for OEM now also are windows 10 compliant
  • Fixed: #487588 Last tried not correctly updated on rescan
  • Fixed: #487580 Installer not giving the correct info about the current version installed
  • Fixed: #487271 Bug in asset user relation comments
  • Fixed: #482579 Bug in asset user relation dates
  • Fixed: #487228 Dns error report showed incorrect results due to fallbackscanning
  • Fixed: #487037 Asset displayed as 'online' even when 'offline' due to fallbackscanning
  • Fixed: #487085 Notifications related to past events kept popping up
  • Fixed: #486769 Dynamic group selection filter not maintained on edit
  • Fixed: #486151 Timechart widget caused database error on the dashboard
  • Fixed: #488140 Rendering issues with plain text emails that contained html tags
  • Fixed: #489437 Helpdesk custom field filter
  • Fixed: #489887 Overflow on the calendar notifcations
  • Fixed: #489873 Print preview page
  • Fixed: #483128 Difference between ticket list and details
  • Fixed: #487807 IP Locations table not visually updating when adding a row
  • Fixed: #490560 CSV export issues with special characters
  • Fixed: #491066 Ticket state was sometimes wrong when using outgoing email templates
  • Fixed: #491200 Error when opening existing ticket filters with defined custom fields
  • Fixed: #491220 Issues with Fallbackscanning
  • Fixed: #471172 Monitor manufacturer abbreviation gaps & inconsistencies
  • Fixed: #471516 Numeric custom field input restriction
  • Fixed: #471678 Translation of ticket states & types in templates
  • Fixed: #471699 'Altered by' events are now correctly updated
  • Fixed: #471688 Snooze button on event reminders
  • Fixed: #472685 Scrambled layout of scanning schedule
  • Fixed: #472661 Note sanitizer removed too much
  • Fixed: #472360 CC user not getting emailed with newly created tickets
  • Fixed: #472853 Several xss fixes
  • Fixed: #470937 Ticket dispatching rules not applying to CC user
  • Fixed: #470526 Issues with scanning Dell Equallogic Arrays
  • Fixed: #470723 Gateprotect SNMP missing Information
  • Fixed: #470714 Date filter did not work for incomplete dates
  • Fixed: #470314 Duplicate knowledgebase entries when importing data
  • Fixed: #469840 E-mail/Export for event reports did not work
  • Fixed: #471526 Manufacturer translation for Philips
  • Fixed: #470826 Error in SQL Licenses query
  • Fixed: #469494 Error when changing the QR code hostname
  • Fixed: #469278 Issues with notes not sending when copying images from other tickets
  • Fixed: #469277 Permission issue with attaching documents to asset
  • Fixed: #466571 SIP now also scans over UDP
  • Fixed: #461771 Calendar reminders not showing
  • Fixed: #470118 Auto logout after error
  • Fixed: #469951 Dropdown bug
  • Fixed: #469820 Deployment logs not showing last steps on timeout
  • Fixed: #469662 Scanning recurring schedule bug
  • Fixed: #458771 MAC address was missing on asset summary page
  • Fixed: #463393 Ticket custom field order issue
  • Fixed: #464642 Automated email alerts schedule issue
  • Fixed: #464762 Cosmetic issue with the calender hover
  • Fixed: #465525 Scanning Cisco NEXUS switches with SNMP
  • Fixed: #466113 Lansweeper slow website start
  • Fixed: #466622 Calendar notification not working in firefox
  • Fixed: #466625 Group removed from Unused group list
  • Fixed: #466681 Ticket creation
  • Fixed: #466749 Issue when editing a user's profile picture
  • Fixed: #466974 Language labels missing in language popup
  • Fixed: #467336 Calendar event info of the is set to the wrong date
  • Fixed: #467388 Hover over user information in the left column doesn't work
  • Fixed: #467393 Different permissions used for displaying the basic asset actions
  • Fixed: #467438 QR-Code PDF layout
  • Fixed: #466961 Regex on incoming email was not case insensitive
  • Fixed: #467139 View assets permission no longer allows users to rescan computers
  • Fixed: #467755 Transfer to this agent now also replaces the 'Default agent' for ticket types
  • Fixed: #468146 Several email sanitation issues
  • Fixed: #467851 Incorrect manufacturer for offline Windows PCs
  • Fixed: #467929 attachment gewijzigd => lege error message
  • Fixed: #468033 Users that logon with email as username don't get emailed
  • Fixed: #468933 Issue with setting permissions based on AD Groups
  • Fixed: #468170 Problems with CSV format in 'Email Alerts'
  • Fixed: #469043 Agent edit rights on tickets from other teams
  • Fixed: #460448 Active scanning schedule naming
  • Fixed: #466313 Helpdesk ticket printing
  • Fixed: #465114 Issues that caused Lansweeper web console to crash
  • Fixed: #465197 Automatic ticket closing now also works if no mails are sent
  • Fixed: #466098 No longer able to add 'main' helpdesk email address as (cc)user
  • Fixed: #466097 CC users information overlap
  • Fixed: #466074 Note attachments overlap
  • Fixed: #466070 Inconsistent positioning in the 'Edit' ticket screen
  • Fixed: #466062 Errors when adding scanning targets
  • Fixed: #459854 Several culture related errors leading to invalid characters
  • Fixed: #460072 Error in the 'Switch Ports' report
  • Fixed: #460699 Adding AD Group to User Role Slow
  • Fixed: #460844 Transfered MAC range from 'Tattile SRL' to 'WYSE'
  • Fixed: #461076 Zebra printers having no DNS name
  • Fixed: #461213 Type cast issue when opening imported tickets
  • Fixed: #461488 Deployment logs XML export
  • Fixed: #461620 Date format when importing tickets
  • Fixed: #461726 Cosmetic issue for the uptime calender
  • Fixed: #461952 Outgoing email templates tags now only work in templates
  • Fixed: #462009 Client ability to re-open closed tickets
  • Fixed: #462033 Creating user roles issue
  • Fixed: #462067 Losing deployment permission after upgrade
  • Fixed: #462107 Several bugs in the Lansweeper installer
  • Fixed: #462122 Incoming email POP3 Port value
  • Fixed: #462155 Assettype scanning exclusion
  • Fixed: #462165 Order of the customfields in the Print preview
  • Fixed: #462187 Email Alerts always sending test email
  • Fixed: #462486 Issue with the change detection of computer names
  • Fixed: #462552 Incorrect email alerts causing high Lansweeper service CPU
  • Fixed: #462727 Issues with editing license types under SQL Server license compliance on SQL compact
  • Fixed: #462744 Several discrepancies in helpdesk widgets
  • Fixed: #462764 Errors when having apostrophe in Helpdesk username
  • Fixed: #463167 Encoding problem with ConnectionTester logs
  • Fixed: #463220 Issues with adding AD Groups to User Roles
  • Fixed: #463312 Unable to click trough on the Helpdesk widgets user link
  • Fixed: #463375 Wrong directory mentioned for Email/Export reports on the web console
  • Fixed: #463376 Bug on users ticket creation
  • Fixed: #463454 Auto generate links in notes
  • Fixed: #464801 Installer multi-server install warning
  • Fixed: #464723 Closed tickets remained 'not resolved'
  • Fixed: #464752 Spelling error under website access
  • Fixed: #464711 Dropdown selection issue on firefox
  • Fixed: #464623 PC model Info on asset page
  • Fixed: #463098 Lansweeper will now use the correct configured language in outgoing email templates
  • Fixed: #473949 Changing a ticket's user didn't show up in the history
  • Fixed: #473702 Dynamic groups no longer displaying results
  • Fixed: #473563 QR code export function
  • Fixed: #473555 New reports were not immediately added to the report menu
  • Fixed: #473321 Notes sanitation issues
  • Fixed: #473064 Ability to loop 'show different ... to user' ticket type and states
  • Fixed: #472959 Required custom fields could be bypassed
  • Fixed: #472520 Incorrect 'Computer is not yet scanned' error when computers were already scanned
  • Fixed: #471777 Hyperlinks in tickets would 'break' if it contained special characters
  • Fixed: #471738 Report alerts not saved in the correct format when exporting to CSV
  • Fixed: #471645 Custom fields sometimes not displayed on the all/filtered tickets pages
  • Fixed: #471534 Unable to add assets to a location
  • Fixed: #469533 Old switch port connections where incorrectly displayed if a scan failed
  • Fixed: #469523 Several cosmetic issues
  • Fixed: #468170 Problems with CSV Format in email alerts reports
  • Fixed: #467390 Issues when merging tickets
  • Fixed: #467033 Copying events did not always retain the correct settings
  • Fixed: #466043 Templates attachment indicator disappearing on refresh
  • Fixed: #458559 Improvements to Linux hard disks scanning
  • Fixed: #461713 "Go to last note" button now actually goes to the last note
  • Fixed: #470937 Ticket dispatching rules not applying to CC user
  • Fixed: #473948 Custom fields duplication issue when duplicating to other ticket type
  • Fixed: #469504 Issue with Hebrew characters when exporting reports to excel
  • Fixed: #474525 Bug in Dell Warranty Lookup
  • Fixed: #474642 Deleting knowledgebase category did not remove them from template dropdown menu
  • Fixed: #474653 Several fixes to the autoclose feature
  • Fixed: #469504 Excel files are now exported as .xlsx format
  • Fixed: #473555 New reports are now immediately loaded into the dropdown report menu
  • Fixed: #473574 Users added to a ticket were sometimes not receiving there outgoing template in the correct language
  • Fixed: #474716 Calendar notification when adding a team to an event
  • Fixed: #474827 Calendar events giving erros on deleted events
  • Fixed: #475096 Sla error when setting the business times to same hours (08:00 to 08:00)
  • Fixed: #475170 Inability to edit/delete knowledgebase articles
  • Fixed: #475258 Last help desk tickets opened menu doesn't show when the internal KB article page is open.
  • Fixed: #471996 EIZO monitors are now correctly scanned
  • Fixed: #475777 Memory incorrect on asset summary when greater than 1 TB
  • Fixed: #476273 Caption column missing from OS report
  • Fixed: #481536 helpdesk report widget links not working
  • Fixed: #481462 Close ticket button hidden when there are required fields for closing
  • Fixed: #481317 Error when creating new ticket if the username is NULL
  • Fixed: #481312 Cosmetic issue selecting dropdown menus
  • Fixed: #481207 Random group order when changing user role groups
  • Fixed: #481010 Incorrect image parsing in news widget
  • Fixed: #478850 Cast error when visiting asset page
  • Fixed: #478683 Json serialization error
  • Fixed: #475022 State Change template was not sent when state changed when adding internal note
  • Fixed: #466118 Iprange scanning failed to save unknown device
  • Fixed: #479355 View license permission missing after upgrade
  • Fixed: #479796 Unable to check report alert
  • Fixed: #480143 Users could not close their own tickets even if they had the rights
  • Fixed: #478771 Several incorrect encoding problems
  • Fixed: #477661 Cisco Wireless controllers issue
  • Fixed: #476625 Not all assets showing up on asset location
  • Fixed: #477355 Serial issues with Acer monitors
  • Fixed: #477320 Sql report now has correct hyperlinks
  • Fixed: #477177 Changes to the fallback scanning and scanning queue
  • Fixed: #476653 Edit Mode in deployment
  • Fixed: #476520 Dropdown menu's not always dropping correctly
  • Fixed: #472746 Incorrect manufacturer and model for specific Lenovo models
  • Fixed: #477205 Assembly redirection
  • Fixed: #477180 Website crash when doing an exporting a report to XML
  • Fixed: #475672 Invalid quotes casued deployment packages to fail
  • Fixed: #469502 Linux devices treated as windows
  • Fixed: #485400 Fixed sliding custom field columns when filtering tickets
  • Fixed: #484441 Time worked in ticket history was incorrectly parsed
  • Fixed: #484229 Computer is not yet scanned scanned error on specific RPC errors
  • Fixed: #483251 Fixed several update scripts for SQL 2000
  • Fixed: #482172 Fixed errors when editing AD groups permissions
  • Fixed: #483283 Ticket search fails when using square brackets in the search
  • Fixed: #483270 Ticket search fails on SQL 2005 and lower
  • Fixed: #482478 Email notifications are not always sent when adding notes
  • Fixed: #482015 SQL Compact database error when creating an event
  • Fixed: #482319 Empty attachment filters caused attachments to be removed
  • Fixed: #481640 Ticket close button was not always present on the ticket page
  • Fixed: #481120 Errors after login caused by incorrectly added events

Service, Website 6022 (3 May 2016)

  • Added: #456593 Vipre anti-virus to the allowed list
  • Changed: #455413 "Are you sure" confimation box added when ignoring tickets
  • Changed: #455414 No longer allowed to use square brackets in the helpdesk email prefix
  • Changed: #456268 Windows groups can now be linked to roles
  • Changed: #460953 Creating a new article in the knowledgebase now gets a default category
  • Fixed: #449144 Issue that caused emails not to be sent when a user changed the state
  • Fixed: #455158 Scanning service stop when scanning specific SSH devices
  • Fixed: #455287 Inability to remove duplicate agents
  • Fixed: #455345 Upgrade caused custom header to disappear
  • Fixed: #455347 Dropdown overflow on new ticket creation in Chrome
  • Fixed: #455652 Recurring events pointed to the original creation date instead of the actual date
  • Fixed: #455660 Agent amount is now correctly displayed for premium users
  • Fixed: #455708 Issue that caused SQL to reach it's connection limit
  • Fixed: #455740 IP Address Location were not correctly imported from Active Directory
  • Fixed: #455750 User interface will auto focus on the OK button for popups
  • Fixed: #455755 Issue where scanned assets where always placed in the undifined IP location
  • Fixed: #455780 Ignoring attachments now correctly allows the emails to go trough without the attachment
  • Fixed: #455816 Import feature for tickets
  • Fixed: #455915 Several issues with deployment
  • Fixed: #455946 Notification did not update after changing a ticket's subject
  • Fixed: #456310 SQL Server Information is back available in the standard license
  • Fixed: #456339 Could not access the 'Software' tab without Configuration permission
  • Fixed: #456435 Errors when resizing calendar events
  • Fixed: #456458 Initial Response SLA not calculating correctly
  • Fixed: #456631 Printer scanning issues
  • Fixed: #456680 Scheduled email alerts
  • Fixed: #456773 Issue where deleted events whould still be visible in the calendar
  • Fixed: #456993 To large popups causing display issues
  • Fixed: #458077 'Last user' on an asset was sometimes showed twice
  • Fixed: #458190 Errors when making changes to a ticket when the user had no mail address configuered
  • Fixed: #458200 Asset manufacturer always changed after successfull scan even if it was locked
  • Fixed: #458416 Deleting a team that still contained tickets caused the tickets in that team to be inaccessible
  • Fixed: #458417 Russian characters are now correctly used in registry scanning
  • Fixed: #458486 Calendar date input was malfunctioning
  • Fixed: #458679 Issues that caused a user to be taken back to login screen
  • Fixed: #458716 Custom fields not showing the '?' for help
  • Fixed: #458946 No longer possible to disable the english language
  • Fixed: #459053 Ticket was auto assigned to the creator when 'agent initiated' was checked and unchecked
  • Fixed: #460027 Template attachments were not saved if you edited a note
  • Fixed: #456680 Scheduled email alerts
  • Fixed: #459650 Helpdesk tabs did not stay in there assigned place
  • Fixed: #459270 Issue with incorrect ticket creation date
  • Fixed: #459129 Outgoing email templates now correctly allows attachments and images
  • Fixed: #454327 Assets concerning slow to load on SQLCE
  • Fixed: #458341 Incorrect ticket report results
  • Fixed: #458662 Website error if the apppool user does not have write permissions on the Lang folder
  • Fixed: #459137 Cosmetic issue in e-mail account pop-up
  • Fixed: #459242 Gmail account added extra info
  • Fixed: #459270 Ticket create date issue
  • Fixed: #459650 Tabs won't stay were you put them
  • Fixed: #460027 Template attachments via tickets bug
  • Fixed: #460185 Footer attachments image problem
  • Fixed: #460235 PDF download redirects to incorrect link
  • Fixed: #460366 Knowledgebase attachments error with "&" in the file name
  • Fixed: #460372 Cannot access Help Desk API with professional license
  • Fixed: #460448 Active scanning schedule cosmetic issue
  • Fixed: #460453 Problem with Cisco CP-6901 phones mac address parsing
  • Fixed: #460534 Scheduling a deployment will also immediately deploy it.
  • Fixed: #460556 Upgrade overwrites custom language files
  • Fixed: #460614 The user is not allowed to see this tab bug
  • Fixed: #460699 Slowness to add AD Group to User Role
  • Fixed: #460734 Problem uploading pictures when creating new asset
  • Fixed: #460954 IP Location import did not save share name or credentials
  • Fixed: #460720 Template did not update when enabled
  • Fixed: #460388 Issue with credential rotation when scanning linux and macs
  • Fixed: #459661 Random session disconnections
  • Fixed: #460181 Helpdesk email duplication when using multiple scanning services

Major release: Service, Website 6019 (11 April 2016)

For a more detailed overview with screenshots, please refer to, which also explains some important help desk concepts and terminology.

  • A fully functional help desk that integrates with Lansweeper.
  • A feature-rich ticketing system that allows people inside and outside of your company to send questions and request support. The ticketing part of the help desk includes, among others, the following features:
    • Ticket creation through the web console, email, API and import.
    • Organization of tickets into ticket types.
    • Prioritization of tickets through ticket priorities and followups.
    • Custom fields, optionally nested, to add extra information to tickets in an organized way.
    • Ticket filters, tabs and notifications to easily organize tickets into various overviews.
    • Ticket templates and outgoing email templates (auto reply).
    • Ticket dispatching, automatic assignment and closing of tickets.
    • SLAs to set company standards for the handling and resolution of tickets.
    • Settings that anyone that answers tickets in the console can personally customize, like signature, ticket sort order, email alerts and more.
  • A knowledge base to share articles with your employees on a variety of topics.
  • A calendar to keep track of meetings, vacation days and more. Calendar events can be linked to tickets.
  • New help desk related reports and widgets, including a company news widget.
  • Optional customization of the look and feel of the help desk.
  • More flexible security settings that restrict web console access through a system of roles and permissions.
  • More secure password encryption thanks to an on-server encryption key.
  • New authentication method and customizable login page.
  • Mass import of credentials, IP locations and IP ranges.
  • Reorganization of all scanning methods into a single scanning targets menu.
  • An overall more intuitive interface that accommodates the new help desk menus.
  • Reorganized asset pages with more prominent tabs for asset uptime, location and more.
  • More flexible report alerts. Alerts can now be exported to a folder or sent via email. Schedules are more customizable as well and can be configured per report.
  • Windows feature scanning.
  • SSH certificate/key based scanning.
  • IP range exclusions.
  • Major improvements to the scanning algorithm to ensure even faster scanning of IP ranges.
  • Active Directory scanning optimizations.

Service, Website 5334

  • Fixed: #432990 New install hanging when configuring IIS Express
  • Fixed: #432894 Dell Wyse Clients bug

Service, Website 5333

  • Fixed: #432528 Win32_proxy is outdated in windows vista

Service, Website 5332

  • Fixed: #430235 Problems when editing asset mac address
  • Fixed: #431261 Error Deploying on IPv6 Assets
  • Fixed: #430958 Lansweeper website problems when upgrading Lansweeper server to windows 10
  • Fixed: #428974 Manual insert IP Ranges error

Service, Website 5331

  • Fixed: #428919 Linux CPU count not consistent
  • Fixed: #429171 Vmware biosInfo
  • Fixed: #429460 Bug on deployment page when using IE8-9

Service, Website 5330

  • Fixed: #428549 Mac software scanning not working.
  • Fixed: #428716 Acer monitor serial number bug.
  • Fixed: #428721 win32_encryptablevolume updating with LsPush.
  • Fixed: #427743 Bug with 'Deploy Now' deployments on reports.
  • Fixed: #426367 Space issues with dynamic groups.
  • Fixed: #428139 Can not add e-mail group to alert mailing.
  • Fixed: #426159 Windows 10 monitors are not scanned if teamviewer is installed.

Service, Website 5328, Lspush

  • Fixed: #427425 After scanning deployment issue.
  • Fixed: #425980 User scanning is slow during the initial scan.
  • Fixed: #426381 Unique monitor keys ignored while importing.
  • Fixed: #427140 Skip vmware step doesn't work during first run.
  • Fixed: #426976 Deployment filter issues.
  • Fixed: #427465 No longer sending emails to when testing report/alertmailing.
  • Fixed: #427462 Error in the 'Bookmarks' widget links.

Service, Website 5325

  • Added: #401938 Shift select for deployment asset selection
  • Added: #418320 Support for the latest Win 10 (build 10.0.10586)
  • Fixed: #423913 Schedule time on editing
  • Fixed: #423690 Email alert Configuration issue
  • Fixed: #422876 Error deploying to asset selection
  • Fixed: #420246 Error after deleting a tab page
  • Fixed: #400771 Empty deployment tab
  • Fixed: #415537 Schedule time on editing
  • Fixed: #405813 Linux OID on asset mapping
  • Fixed: #404490 Update notification when having multiple servers
  • Fixed: #425302 Acer monitor serials
  • Fixed: #425576 Issues with asset cleanup options

Service, Website 5324

  • #417441 Added: Service Console NIC on ESXi 4.1 scanning.
  • #409772 Changed:Serial number on linux systems.
  • #421316 Fixed: Installation Issue on upgrading.
  • #421080 Fixed: Rss & news widgets issues.
  • #420015 Fixed: Lspush direct server connection scan time.
  • #419422 Fixed: Compliance query caching problems.
  • #419168 Fixed: Index was out of bounds error on logging in.
  • #421847 Fixed: Environment hardware tab is missing for some operating systems.
  • #421687 Fixed: Firstrun allows empty IP ranges.

Service, Website 5322

  • Fixed: Several small installer problems.
  • Fixed: Problem with acer monitor serialnumbers.

Service, Website 5321

  • Fixed: Inconsistent library issues.
  • Fixed: HP Warranty Scanning bug.
  • Fixed: Rename detection bug.
  • Fixed: Deployment schedules not triggering.
  • Fixed: CompactToServer tool queries.
  • Fixed: Problem with IISexpress and custom certificates.
  • Fixed: Acer monitor serial.
  • Fixed: Wrong resetwebuserroles version.
  • Fixed: VMware scan discrepancy.
  • Fixed: Deleting package share credentials from IP locations.
  • Fixed: Disk serial issue.

Service, Website 5317

  • Added: Windows 10 OS codes for XLS templates.
  • Added: FQDN field for asset import.
  • Fixed: Scanning Linux hard drive information bug.
  • Fixed: Permission error for shadow filesystems on Linux (Chromium)
  • Fixed: IP range scanning with "New Windows only" enabled bug.
  • Fixed: URLEncoded package names.
  • Fixed: LSPush import error.
  • Fixed: IISExpress https website not starting.

Service, Website 5315, Lspush

  • Added: Removing 'junk' values in some data fields (manufacturer, model, ...).
  • Added: Several Dell products to the manufacturer table.
  • Added: You can now add a custom SSL certificate using it's ThumbPrint.
  • Changed: HP warranty scanning now uses API and website scraping as fallback.
  • Fixed: Simultaneous deployments bug.
  • Fixed: Automatically created deployment tasks after server startup.
  • Fixed: Collection scanning schedule.
  • Fixed: Different time zones error logging.
  • Fixed: Deleting configured schedules.
  • Fixed: Lspush - Black screen upon login if lspush starts before the user desktop is created.
  • Fixed: Asset Relations issue when linking the same user multiple times.
  • Fixed: Issues with CompactToServer when migrating data.
  • Fixed: Installer caused several IISExpress failures on upgrade when an incorrect https port was used.
  • Fixed: In some cases assets were created for every IP that was pinged.
  • Fixed: Website startup failure if the database server was unreachable after upgrade.
  • Fixed: Several case sensitivity problems.
  • Fixed: Exporting to excel error when exporting AD user pictures.
  • Fixed: Wrong LsPush version in the database.
  • Fixed: No installer warning users when the installation of Lansweeper components failed.
  • Fixed: Issue that would not show installed software on Linux Suse.
  • Fixed: Issue with Lansweeper report mailing and mailservers needing FQDN.
  • Fixed: Several Chrome Extension bugs

Service, Website 5313

  • Fixed: upgrade problem with virtual website folders.
  • Fixed: Ignore SNMP mac adresses from loopback adresses.
  • Fixed: SNMP v1 scanning bug.
  • Fixed: Userscanning bug & Scanning of users in other domains.

Service, Website 5312, Lspush

  • Added: Windows 10 support.
  • Added: OS End of Lifetime reports.
  • Added: Extra website version check on upgrade/install.
  • Added: Replacement extension for the old Chrome Plugin.
  • Added: Informative page for Error 500 pages.
  • Added: Support for .pcc file extension.
  • Changed: New https certificate with 2048 bit RSA encryption .
  • Changed: Updated Visual C++ installation from 2008 to 2012.
  • Changed: Smaller installer: needed components are now downloaded when not installed.
  • Changed: Assetname when scanned device only has an IPaddress.
  • Changed: Increased the length of the values in tsysCustomNames.
  • Changed: Procedure of defining a scanned asset as 'Unknown'.
  • Changed: IP rescan priority.
  • Changed: Add alias for HDD model in built-in reports
  • Fixed: Lspush: Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Fixed: Lspush: System user is being ignored when running lspush in a startup script.
  • Fixed: Duplicates users in search.
  • Fixed: Voltage reporting on APC SMART-UPS.
  • Fixed: Wrong ResetWebUserRoles.exe version.
  • Fixed: Error using empty login credentials.
  • Fixed: Excess Eventlog scanning.
  • Fixed: Assets automatically relocating themselves on the location map.
  • Fixed: No longer overwriting FQDN if new value is blank.
  • Fixed: Scanning will now continue when there are invalid entries in scan exclusions.
  • Fixed: Several SSL access errors with IISExpress.
  • Fixed: Issues with double deployments on the 'after scanning' schedule.
  • Fixed: Unique computer credentials bug.
  • Fixed: Missing field in installed SQL Compact database.
  • Fixed: Bug that would make the Lansweeper service crash or restart.
  • Fixed: ScanStatus widget performance.
  • Fixed: Scanning error in Scheduled eventlog scanning.
  • Fixed: Schedules display problem.
  • Fixed: Problem with retrieving Toshiba's warranties.
  • Fixed: Force Https bug.
  • Fixed: Build in 'Every monday' schedule.
  • Fixed: Error when upgrading SQLServer 2014 Express.
  • Fixed: Building dynamic groups from OU parameters.
  • Fixed: Warranty lookup for Fujitsu.
  • Fixed: Duplicate software license keys.
  • Fixed: Bug where malformed IP exclusions would block further scans.
  • Fixed: Missing 'Reset Https' button on ResetWebUserRoles.exe.
  • Fixed: Rescan with more than one filter active.


  • Added: Support for Extended unicode characters in asset csv import.
  • Changed: Logging for cisco devices without SNMP.
  • Fixed: Added ^ to accepted username characters.
  • Fixed: Error messages for linux case sensitive issue.
  • Fixed: Error causing lansweeper service to crash when using SQL server with a low latency connection.
  • Fixed: AutoCad product keys would not stay checked when activated.
  • Fixed: Computer exclusions allow wildcard "%"
  • Fixed: Eventlog only scanning with adsi paths not always working.

Service, Website 5306

  • Fixed: SNMP Credentials error while upgrading. (see note)
  • Fixed: wildcard do not work for computername exclusions.
  • Fixed: Custom Field combo boxes not retaining previously entered data if the data contain spaces.
  • Important note about this update:
  • If you upgraded to version from a previous version and your are using SQL server, your global SNMP credential might be corrupted.
    To fix this you can change your global SNMP credential on configuration/scanning credentials (default snmp credential: "public")

Service, Website 5305, Lspush

  • Added: Support for UPN and email (Windows 8) logins as scanning credentials.
  • Added: License key scanning support for additional Adobe keys.
  • Added: {assetid} parameter for asset actions.
  • Added: Both HTTP and HTTPS websites are now automatically configured for Lansweeper consoles running under IIS Express.
  • Added: Force Https website option.
  • Added: A new Start menu executable "Lansweeper_Start.exe" that opens your IIS Express console.
  • Added: SystemSKU scanning for Linux, which will allow for warranty scanning of Linux based HP machines.
  • Added: Warranty scanning of assets whose manufacturer is set to EqualLogic.
  • Added: Support for the Corporate edition licensing of Lansweeper.
  • Added: Automatic cleanup of SQL Compact and SQL Express databases when upgrading Lansweeper.
  • Added: Estimated scan time when submitting IP ranges. Large ranges will produce a warning, though they can still be submitted.
  • Added: Juniper serial for some models
  • Changed: Improved and easier to understand First Run Wizard for new Lansweeper users.
  • Changed: Major performance improvements while scanning large networks thanks to a rewrite of the IP Address Range Scanning procedure.
  • Changed: Overall improved performance while scanning thanks to a reduction in database queries.
  • Changed: Lansweeper now remembers an asset’s last successful credential and tries that first during the next scan attempt.
  • Changed: Improved checks for upgrading Lansweeper installations hosted in SQL Server.
  • Changed: Asset pages of Windows computers now clearly indicate whether a scan item is disabled.
  • Changed: Rescan Asset now connects to the IP address of assets for which DNS resolution fails.
  • Changed: Updated MAC address vendor list for better recognition of assets.
  • Changed: Option "Automatically make non-active assets active when they are rescanned" now ignores custom states like broken, sold…
  • Changed: Retry on failed ARP requests.
  • Changed: No longer restarting WMI when port 135 open but could not connect.
  • Changed: WMI Standalone host makes panasonic portables WMI service unstartable.
  • Fixed: Error when deleting all deployment packages.
  • Fixed: Time-out logging error.
  • Fixed: IE not displaying the full software name in software licensing.
  • Fixed: Network card history scanning could not be enabled.
  • Fixed: IP range description was incorrect in scan logging.
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity bug when scanning HTTP headers.
  • Fixed: For some Windows items the last scan time was not written into the database.
  • Fixed: Report "Software: Changes in the last 7 days" only showed changes in the last 24 hours.
  • Fixed: Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration blocks "http://"
  • Fixed: Various small bugs and cosmetic issues.

Service, Website 5243

  • Changed: Synchronization of mass deployment and multiple scanning servers.
  • Fixed: Processor name QNAP NAS scanning.
  • Fixed: Redeployment of 'Deploy Now' schedules.
  • Fixed: Downloading files with spaces at the licences page.
  • Fixed: Sort order for 'Order Date' at the licences page.

Service, Website 5242

  • Changed: Readded Microsoft Product keys.

Service, Website 5241

  • Changed: Dell API warranty lookup.
  • Changed: Various connection tester fixes.
  • Changed: Faster checking for Adobe serials.
  • Fixed: MAC address scanning on AIX.
  • Fixed: Scanning non Windows Asset Group with Asset Group Scanning.
  • Fixed: Linux disks permission error.
  • Fixed: Issue with rename detection if the asset is manually edited.
  • Fixed: IPaddress change while the server is running bug.
  • Fixed: Acer monitor serial number problem.
  • Fixed: Multiple scanning servers deployment synchronization.
  • Fixed: Deployment executable path bug.

    Important note about this update:
  • Vpro scanning will be disabled, you can enable this after the update in configuration/item wait time.
    Reason: If the windows computer doesn't have Vpro, it slows down scanning. 90% of our users don't use Vpro.
  • All non-Microsoft/Adobe license key scanning will be disabled; you can enable this after the update in configuration/product keys.
    Reason: License key scanning takes much bandwidth and stresses slow Wan connections.

Service, Website 5233

  • Fixed: Some assets are stuck in the queue.
  • Fixed: Deploying the copy of a package would also deploy the original package.
  • Fixed: Merging assets on SQL CE bug.
  • Fixed: Comments Column width cosmetic issue.
  • Fixed: Dell warranty API performance issues.
  • Fixed: Rename detection bug.
  • Fixed: Editing options of one package altered sometimes other packages too.
  • Fixed: Deployment issue that would result in 'Task Registering' error.
  • Fixed: Linux Ksh output redirection.
  • Fixed: Overwriting SNMP descriptions by netbios name.

Service, Website 5231

  • Changed: Macintosh number of processors.
  • Fixed: Devicetester crash.
  • Fixed: Problem when deleting scanning server.
  • Fixed: 'Invalid WMI query' while deploying.
  • Fixed: 'Automatically make non-active computers active' bug while rescanning if the host resolves to an incorrect but existing IP address.
  • Fixed: Several small cosmetic issues.
  • Fixed: Warranty lock disappears when adding date.
  • Fixed: Improper character decoding in report parameters.

Service, Website 5230

  • Added: Fix typo's in file scanning variables.
  • Added: Filter root keys out of registry scanning.
  • Added: Warning if SQL compact exceeds a number of assets.
  • Added: 'Edit credential' button when no credentials were defined.
  • Added: On deployment step failure, the command for that step is shown.
  • Added: Fixed run mode per package.
  • Added: Custom SIP scanning port.
  • Added: Serials for APC PDU.
  • Changed: HP Warranty scanning to use HP api.
  • Changed: Possible to edit SystemSKU for HP warranty lookup.
  • Fixed: Microsoft security widget shows incorrect title.
  • Fixed: Several Linux error messaging bugs.
  • Fixed: Horizontal screen-scroll shifts while mass editing.
  • Fixed: Using multiple filters while exporting assets.
  • Fixed: Filtering on reports containing hyperlinks.
  • Fixed: Assets "Comments" tab alignment.
  • Fixed: upload warning messages for unauthorized documents.
  • Fixed: Switching an asset from Linux to Unix will now display the correct information.
  • Fixed: Dynamic group bug filtering on "Operating System".
  • Fixed: Bug in scanning Linux manufacturer from dmidecode.
  • Fixed: Missing virtual interface numbers on Solaris.

Service, Website 5227

  • Added: Now able to deploy on tablets (non RT version) and laptops on battery modus.
  • Added: Option to enable/disable database log shrink on SQL Server.
  • Fixed: AssetUnique got wrongly updated when a monitor - added by the Lansweeper service - was manually updated.
  • Fixed: SQL server license compliance: miscalculation when multiple server or CAL orders added.
  • Fixed: Schedule start date not set on original date in some cases when editing.
  • Fixed: Edited schedule would not run on a later date.
  • Fixed: Ignore "Dell Labor Support" when scanning warranty information.
  • Fixed: Asset map cannot be printed.
  • Fixed: Scanning win32_Winsat gives "invalid class" error on non-english windows servers.
  • Fixed: Changed HP Warranty scanning.
  • Fixed: Wrapping all text fields on asset page.
  • Fixed: Disabled remote registry would cause a deployment to fail.
  • Fixed: Removed excess logging when deploying with multiple servers.
  • Fixed: Asset menu getting too long.
  • Fixed: Package import not working in some cases.
  • Fixed: Asset page crash for assets with VproAMT enabled but with no IPv4 address.
  • Fixed: Dynamic group with Windows OS Filter and value 'not scanned'.

Service, Website 5224

  • Fixed: 'Collection edit error' while deploying.
  • Fixed: IISExpress 'ManagedPipelineHandler fix' for 64 bit in installer upgrade.
  • Fixed: Once schedule would not run in some cases.
  • Fixed: Asset thumbnail was cached too long.
  • Fixed: Javascript caching caused the "share not filled in" warning not to update after filling it in.
  • Fixed: Active Directory user image not updating when changing it.
  • Fixed: Faster closing of established TCP and WMI connections.
  • Fixed: Service could not be stopped because of a running thread.

Service, Website 5222, Lspush

  • Added: IIS Express 8.0 added to installer for 64 bit machines.
  • Added: Caching of images to increase website performance.
  • Added: You can now deploy on a filtered static group, report or dynamic group.
  • Added: E-mail alerts: basic configuration button & test button for SMTP server settings.
  • Fixed: Cleanup options would run several times in 24 hours.
  • Fixed: Problem with saving on the 'server options' page in freeware version.
  • Fixed: Bug where excluded domains would still be scanned.
  • Fixed: Bug where migrating servers would cause constraint conflicts.
  • Fixed: Bug with some parts of filtering on static groups.
  • Fixed: Default schedule 'Daily At Midday' was incorrect.
  • Fixed: Getting task result after timeout credential error.
  • Fixed: Error when viewing a dynamic group with a 'Location' or 'Memory' filter.
  • Fixed: Error when viewing a dynamic group count widget.
  • Fixed: Wrong color for certain deployment logs.
  • Fixed: Error message when exporting to .xls on the report page.
  • Fixed: Sql server licenses: correction to wildcard use & hiding non-active assets.
  • Fixed: Connection issues when trying to scan adobe keys.
  • Fixed: Daily schedule did not run daily when selecting 'once'
  • Fixed: Small performance and bandwidth issues.
  • Fixed: Problem deploying on default local disk other then C:\
  • Fixed: Problem adding a password with an apostrophe on credentials page while showing the password
  • Fixed: Popup text showing on page after closing the popup
  • Fixed: Problem with adding more than one domain exclusion.
  • Fixed: Incorrect import of packages with certain special characters.
  • Fixed: Issue with Schedules not running on time or not running at all.
  • Fixed: Issue deploying on some built-in sql reports.
  • Fixed: Auto-adjusting assetunique when changing IP address of an asset
  • Fixed: You can no longer deploy on assets that are not defined as 'active'
  • Fixed: Problem with not being able to add windows scan exclusions.
  • Fixed: Credential sort problem.
  • Fixed: Error on connecting to WMI when deploying.
  • Fixed: Shutdown/reboot check boxes changed for multiple packages at the same time.
  • Fixed: Database performance issues with user scanning.

Service, Website 5217

  • Fixed: Processor spike problem when doing deployments.
  • Fixed: Issue with unicode username/password for packageshare.
  • Fixed: VMware scanning: increased timeout.
  • Fixed: LSPush: Fixed samsung monitor serials.
  • Fixed: SNMP UPS: EstimatedChargeRemaining for APC devices.
  • Fixed: Assets menu getting too long when using many dynamic groups.
  • Fixed: Datetime error when adding schedule in some cultures.
  • Fixed: Problem when using SQL server 2005 or lower and linking credentials.
  • Fixed: Problem when using SQL server 2005 or lower and package schedules.
  • Fixed: Problem when saving multiple computer exclusions.
  • Fixed: Package from old custom Lansweeper 4.0 reports cannot be executed.
  • Fixed: Lspush does not update computer description.
  • Fixed: Problem when selecting multiple assets in IE9 compatibility mode.
  • Fixed: Page error when viewing computer software page.

Service, Website 5215, Lspush

  • Added: Fully customizable mass software deployment, scripting, uninstalls, ...
  • Added: Anti-virus definition scanning (disabled/out of date)
  • Added: Support to scan the latest Adobe serial numbers (requires C$ share access)
  • Added: Support to scan the latest Autodesk serial numbers.
  • Added: Dynamic asset groups.
  • Added: Possibility to exclude domains from scanning.
  • Added: Possibility to exclude asset types from scanning.
  • Added: User based software and msi packages are now visible on the software page.
  • Added: Custom reports have new additional optional columns: foregroundcolor, backgroundcolor, hyperlink.
  • Added: Button to clear the scanning queue for a scanning server.
  • Added: Comments and attached documents have a visual indicator.
  • Added: Global tabs: an administrator can edit dashboard tabs and mark them as global to make them visible for all users.
  • Added: Option in IP range scanning to scan devices that only reply to a ping request.
  • Added: Option in IP range scanning to only scan found windows machines that are not yet in the database.
  • Added: Scan dynamic groups and reports on a schedule.
  • Added: vPro AMT detection.
  • Added: Use a hyperlink as custom action.
  • Added: Using parameters /silent /silentupgrade /accepteula it is now possible to silently upgrade remote scanning servers.
  • Added: Linux & Mac software click through.
  • Added: Optional logging of all scans.
  • Added: Fine tuning parameters for active scanning.
  • Added: Asset type, domain and scanserver are now editable in mass edit mode.
  • Added: ACP UPS detection.
  • Changed: Domain and OU are shown on asset page after partial scanning failure.
  • Changed: Lansweeper installer does no longer download additional tools.
  • Fixed: Lspush uses file.version instead of file.productversion.
  • Fixed: Lspush reports an incorrect filesize on large files.
  • Fixed: Rounding error in switch connection speed.

Service, Website 5166

  • Fixed: Bug in CSV import when using an non existing scanserver name.
  • Fixed: Adding multiple asset relations with equal date fields fails.

Service, Website 5165

  • Fixed: Unable to save manual asset changes in IE8.

Service, Website 5164

  • Fixed: Rare website crash if the default system date separator is set incorrectly in the registry.

Service, Website 5163

  • Fixed: Error when manually adding a new asset.

Service, Website 5162

  • Added: Comments to DRAC connections.
  • Changed: Autorefresh of scanstatus widget.
  • Changed: Better performance when locating duplicate assets on large SQL server databases.
  • Fixed: Double entries in vmware guests.
  • Fixed: SNMP: 10Gb are interfaces displayed as 4Gb.
  • Fixed: Not all VMware physical network interfaces are displayed.
  • Fixed: Parsing error in user OU widget.
  • Fixed: Incorrect serialnumber for some Acer monitor models.

Service, Website 5161

  • Added: Comments to DRAC connections.
  • Changed: Autorefresh of scanstatus widget.
  • Fixed: Double entries in vmware guests.
  • Fixed: SNMP: 10Gb are interfaces displayed as 4Gb.
  • Fixed: Not all VMware physical network interfaces are displayed.
  • Fixed: Parsing error in user OU widget.
  • Fixed: Incorrect serialnumber for some Acer monitor models.

Service, Website 5160

  • Updated cleanup query for better performance on single core machines.

Service, Website 5159, Lspush

  • Added: SQL Server 2014 Support.
  • Added: Snmp credentials force v1 or v2.
  • Changed: Solaris serial number scanning.
  • Changed: Lower memory usage when scanning large IP ranges.
  • Fixed: Bug: Mass change gives sets incorrect assetunique for windows computers if the domain is changed.
  • Fixed: Warranties without start date are incorrect displayed.
  • Fixed: Lansweeper service cannot start if the HTTP service is in "stopping" state.
  • Fixed: Duplicated Mac addresses for one switch port are now ignored.
  • Fixed: Adding assets to location freezes browser in internet explorer.
  • Fixed: Vlan contexts for Cisco switches.
  • Fixed: Lspush shows partial username if the current logged on user has spaces in his name.
  • Fixed: Some documents could not be attached to licenses.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Acer serial number for some monitor models.
  • Fixed: Internet explorer shows incorrect registry version number.
  • Fixed: Vmware does not save macaddresses for Linux network adapters type 4001/4002.
  • Fixed: Incorrect waittime documentation link win32_pagefile.
  • Fixed: Active scanning scans old computer which are no longer on the network.
  • Fixed: Lspush displays incorrect Microsoft serial number for some software.
  • Fixed: Invalid SNMP results for vlan membership.
  • Fixed: Import assets fails if there are columns deleted from the excel template.
  • Fixed: Manually created Windows assets have an incorrect assetunique.

Service, Website 5155

  • Added: Solaris model scanning if smbios is not enabled.
  • Fixed: Rescan does not work if a windows computer is only using Ipv6.
  • Fixed: Add event filter checksum problem.
  • Fixed: Snmp problem when scanning Supermicro server.
  • Fixed: Solaris MAC address bug.

Service, Website 5154

  • Fixed: Long running query in upgradescript.
  • Fixed: Javascript error in asset mapping page.

Service, Website 5153, Lspush

  • Added: Improved AIX support.
  • Added: QR codes are now available in Lansweeper standard.
  • Added: Scan MACaddresses in AIX and OpenBSD.
  • Added: Sorting relations on user detail page.
  • Added: Improved HP-UX support.
  • Added: Linux default gateway scanning.
  • Added: IPv6 support for Lspush.
  • Changed: Display tblAssetCustom.Comments field on Windows asset pages even if asset is "not scanned".
  • Changed: DRAC scanning: increased timeout.
  • Fixed: Some Redhat versions are recognised as Xen.
  • Fixed: Computer rename detection doesn't migrate relations.
  • Fixed: Invalid mac addresses are scanned with snmp.
  • Fixed: Unknown toner remaining for Lexmark printers.
  • Fixed: SNMP scanning uses fqdn instead of hostname on windows computers.
  • Fixed: IE aborts pinging of assets when many assets are selected.
  • Fixed: Search filter on date values give incorrect results.
  • Fixed: Dell DirectLine warranties are now ignored.
  • Fixed: Rare race condition in IE and Chrome.
  • Fixed: Lspush does not detect IE8-9.
  • Fixed: Exporting a report does now work after sorting on ping column.
  • Fixed: IP Range Scanning Schedule cosmetic problem in IE.
  • Fixed: Yealink voip phones type T26 MAC address support.
  • Fixed: Fixed monitors canning for Windows 2000 OS.
  • Fixed: Xerox WorkCentre 7855 : no hostname in snmp.
  • Fixed: Fixed uptime duplicate entries in LSpush.
  • Fixed: Serials incorrect for Acer X193W monitors.
  • Fixed: Monitor scanning: ignore teamviewer monitor.
  • Fixed: Checksum problem in (IE10/11).
  • Installer: Changed security to admins/system for service and IISExpress folder.

Service, Website 5150

  • Changed: Wake On Lan: use don't fragment flag.
  • Fixed: Performance issue related to eventlog cleanup.
  • Fixed: Linux used incorrect Mac address on systems with multiple network cards.
  • Fixed: SNMP: Windows CE is incorrectly detected as printer if printer SNMP software is installed.
  • Fixed: Duplicate for some HP Color Laserjet models.
  • Fixed: cyrillic groupname title display issue.

Service, Website 5149

  • Added: Mass edit scan server column.
  • Added: Wake On Lan Direct IP Address broadcast.
  • Added: Infiniband MAC address blacklisted.
  • Fixed: Some Linux MAC addresses not are not saved.
  • Fixed: Dell DRAC not detected if there is an empty ElementName in the DRAC config.
  • Fixed: Huge memory usage when scanning switches.
  • Fixed: Error when mapping SNMP credentials.
  • Fixed: Windows CE machine incorrectly detected as printer.

Service, Website 5145, Lspush

  • Added: Support for SQL 2012 serial numbers.
  • Added: Support for unique Packard Bell monitor serial numbers.
  • Added: ARP MacAddress scan support for servers with multiple networkcards/subnets.
  • Added: "never delete by cleanup options" added to Mass change option.
  • Added: Extra information for Mac network cards.
  • Added: Cleanup of redundant eventlog entries.
  • Added: Better Vlan support for switch scanning.
  • Added: Linksys router detection.
  • Changed: Speed improvements IP range scanning.
  • Changed: Speed improvements in Windows asset rescanning.
  • Changed: Import assets set max to 10000.
  • Changed: Improvements to device duplicate checks.
  • Changed: Connected assets are now grouped per port on switch detail pages.
  • Changed: When importing csv files, all relevant lock fields are set in the custom fields.
  • Changed: On RPC error, multiple credentials are tested because in some rare cases the remote computer reports the incorrect error message.
  • Changed: Some custom actions now use "shellexec.vbs" instead of "Explorer.exe"
  • Changed: Wake On Lan can now send to a different subnet.
  • Fixed: Lspush: incorrect windows 2012 Serial number.
  • Fixed: Eventlog alerts are not updated when changing only one filter field.
  • Fixed: SNMP switch portname cannot be saved in IE.
  • Fixed: Warranty scanning does not work on servers with the Turkish culture.
  • Fixed: Non-active computers are shown in SQL server license reports.
  • Fixed: SQL databases are not scanned when SQL server is running in 32 bit on a 64 bit system.
  • Fixed: Some Dell warranties show no service description.
  • Fixed: Some images are not shown when Lansweeper is running in a virtual folder on full IIS.
  • Fixed: Weekdays are not correct in the uptime calendar on the first month of a year.
  • Fixed: Display issue in user actions screen.
  • Fixed: Can't add group on assets page (checksum problem)
  • Fixed: File and registry information is not updated when using lspush with .tsv files in import mode.
  • Fixed: Empty fields in AD do not update correctly.
  • Fixed: Duplicate monitor problem when computers are scanned with Lspush and Active scanning.
  • Fixed: Generating a QR code does not work for all serial numbers.
  • Fixed: Problem with invalid dates when importing csv.
  • Fixed: Error when adding user relations for users with special html characters in their name.
  • Fixed: Some mac addresses have invalid prefix characters (0)
  • Fixed: Manual creation of an asset does not populate tblassetmacaddresses.
  • Fixed: Linux asset page does not show all network cards.
  • Fixed: Incorrect link when searching for user OU's.
  • Fixed: IP exclusions are not used when rescanning a device.
  • Fixed: SNMPv3 not using SHA1.
  • Fixed: Arista switch only shows 1 connection.
  • Fixed: Incorrect MAC addresses in OSX.
  • Fixed: Solaris not displaying CPU and Memory.
  • Fixed: Only the first Mac Address is used for Linux - Switch mapping.

Service, Website 5131

  • Added: Wake On Lan UDP port is now configurable.
  • Added: Scan status widget shows free database size for SQLCE and SQL Express.
  • Added: When clicking on an asset location, the active asset is shown in a different color.
  • Fixed: Clicking on “Add credentials” shows a javascript error in IE9 in compatibility mode.
  • Fixed: "Asset relations" title is not visible in some browser.
  • Fixed: Display problem in IE in user actions pane.
  • Fixed: Asset locations are now sorted in the dropdown box.
  • Fixed: SSH is now scanned for Dell DRAC with SNMP enabled.

Service, Website 5130

  • Fixed: unable to manually save some scanned windows assets.

Service, Website 5128, Lspush

  • Movie with new screenshots:
  • CMDB: possibility to link assets to other assets and users.
  • Monitors are automatically scanned as a new asset and are linked to their connected Windows computer.
  • New web role: Edit licenses, access to menu “Licenses”
  • SQL Server License compliance reporting.
  • Support for SNMP v3 credentials.
  • Reworked credentials mapping screen.
  • UPS SNMP discovery.
  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Support for Windows 2012 R2
  • Individual users accounts can now be added to web roles.
  • Custom field types can now be changed (checkbox, combobox, textbox, ...)
  • Detailed uptime/downtime scanning for Windows computers.
  • "On demand scanning": you can add IP addresses, ranges, hostnames into a textbox and press "scan now"
  • Configuration: possibility to add/change asset states (non-active, broken, ...)
  • Added WMI class Win32_TPM
  • Added WMI class Win32_EncryptableVolume
  • Added WMI class Win32_Winsat
  • Added FirmwareRevision,SerialNumber, S.M.A.R.T status for hard disks.
  • Automatic scanning of SQL server serial numbers.
  • Added scanning of Share NTFS permissions.
  • Internet explorer version automatically added to list of installed software if the information is not available in the add/remove programs list.
  • Rename detection for windows computers based on model,serial number, mac address.
  • Better support to detect if antivirus software is installed (windows defender, …)
  • Possibility to import assets from csv file.
  • Scheduled rescan of assets based on asset type or asset group (ex: rescan all printers every 4 hours, rescan group “myservers” every 8 hours)
  • Optionally scan existing devices (printers, switches, …) on dns name instead of IP address.
  • Optional recurring IP Address Range Scanning (rescan every 2 hours)
  • Switch port mapping now keeps a history of the last active device connected to a port even if the device is offline at the time of the scan.
  • Manually add the labels/port names of a switch.
  • Create and print QR codes for assets.
  • Added active directory users group membership
  • Added extra active directory user fields:HomePhone,Pager,IpPhone,State,HomePage,HomeDirectory,ProfilePath,LogonScript,whenCreated,whenChanged, EmployeeID, EmployeeNumber, EmployeeType,Division, Info
  • Added active directory manager/direct report relations.
  • Added "Asset locations", upload a picture/map and place your assets in the correct location.
  • Cleanup options now trigger all assets, not only windows computers.
  • Mass edit assets from the edit asset page, select multiple assets and apply mass changes.
  • Lspush can now scan files and registry keys when used offline: Files.tsv and registry.tsv (tab separated) must be placed in the same folder as lspush.
  • Lspush now scans SQL server and Hyper-V information and all other new 5.1 classes.
  • New reports
    Asset: Harddrive S.M.A.R.T. Status
    Asset: Harddrive S.M.A.R.T. Status not OK
    Asset: Harddrive Serial Number
    Asset: Warranty Status
    Asset: Windows Experience Index
    Computer: Encryptable Volumes
    Computer: Trusted Platform Modules
    Warranty scanning status
    Switch port connections
    Asset: Out of Warranty
    Asset: Out of Warranty in 60 days
  • New web role: Wake On Lan, access to mass Wake On Lan all selected assets.
  • Database maintenance tool to backup\shrink\repair corrupt SQL compact databases.
  • Conversion tool to migrate from SQL compact to SQL server.
  • Upload user pictures directly from the website.
  • Link a picture to an asset.
  • User thumbnails pictures are automatically retrieved from active directory during scanning.
  • Upon service restart, active scanning remembers the last date it ran instead of looking back 14 days.
  • Printers: Non empty toners without detailed toner information are now shown as “OK”.
  • New webrole “Run database scripts”.
  • Support for Ricoh toner scanning.
  • Support for non-standard printer serial numbers.
  • Export and rescan now only export filtered results instead of the complete report.
  • SystemSKU scanning.
  • Option “Never delete by cleanup options” when editing asset.
  • Linux PCI cards: use device name and subsystem name.
  • Support for Hyper-V scanning on Windows 2012 R2.
  • HP monitor warranty lookup.
  • Alienware warranty lookup.

Service, Website 5081

  • Show asset groups on asset page even if asset has never been successfully scanned.
  • Internet explorer 11 ActiveX fix.
  • SNMP switch scanning now uses interface alias and name before using description.
  • Reworked the software authorization screen with paging.
  • Empty lspush files are no longer imported.
  • Speed improvements when importing many lspush files.
  • Fixed: display issue with long eventlog sources in the eventlog widget.
  • Fixed: bug in Toshiba warranty scanning.
  • Fixed: Duplicate problem with Riverbed Steelhead virtual MAC addresses.
  • Fixed: Duplicate problem with WatchDog 15 devices.
  • Fixed: minor display problem on user detail page.

Service, Website 5079

  • Windows groups and user information is no longer scanned on domain controllers to increase performance.
  • Active scanning and rescan now also looks at the credentials defined for an IP range.
  • Blacklisted various special Mac addresses which caused duplicate devices.
  • Fixed: Firefox plugin no longer works in Firefox version 22
  • Fixed: Bug in Fujitsu warranty tracking.

Service, Website 5078

  • Fixed: active directory users with some special characters could not be scanned.
  • Fixed: error generated on asset page for some manually entered warranty dates.
  • Fixed: lspush files with nonvalid unicode text could not be imported.
  • Fixed: several minor display issues.

Service, Website 5077

  • Fixed: minor display error in memory type.
  • Fixed: minor authentication problems in firstrun wizard.


  • Added compression to make the lspush.exe executable smaller.

Service, Website 5076

  • Scheduled eventlog scanning now has a high priority in the scanning queue.
  • Better support for multicast mac addresses.
  • Changed the way passwords are validated in the firstun wizard.
  • Added: software scanning on solaris.
  • Added: Better detection for Drac and IMM
  • Fixed: Reverse lookup problem when using OpenDNS and IP range scanning.
  • Fixed: Upon rescan the IP address of Windows computers is not updated on the asset page.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Windows 8 serial number scanned.
  • Fixed: Active scanning doe not work if domain controllers are located in an OU that contains a slash in the display name.
  • Fixed: Possible XXS in report builder.
  • Fixed: Lastseen/Lasttried date is not updated when doing scheduled eventlog scanning.
  • Fixed: Report filtering does not work in IE when using some unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Several small reportbuilder problems.


  • Fixed: Incorrect Windows 8 serial number scanned.

Service, Website 5069

  • Added: New widget: "Report search"
  • Added: New widget: "Twitter search"
  • Added: New widget: "Iframe"
  • Added: Solaris scanning.
  • Added: Linux PCI card scanning.
  • Added: Linux System enclosure scanning.
  • Added: Asset states to asset menu.
  • Added: DNS name and FQDN name are now editable.
  • Added: "Save as" option for reports.
  • Improved duplicate device detection for devices with multiple network cards.
  • Improved device tester and connection tester.
  • Changed all confirmation boxes to overlays.
  • Fixed: SQL connection is not closed when a report contains an error.
  • Fixed: upgraded reports with "#" in the name cannot be opened.
  • Fixed: Apple Mac information cannot be scanned when located behind a proxy server.
  • Fixed: Sorting problems in some default reports.
  • Fixed: Display problem if more than 90 scanning servers are used.
  • Fixed: Multiple report builder problems.
  • Fixed: Edit asset displays incorrect scanserver.
  • Fixed: Unicode Apple Mac information displays incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Apple Mac software information cannot be retrieved on some installations.
  • Fixed: Rescan of an asset ignores the NoSSH option.
  • Fixed: Several minor display issues.

Service, Website 5060

  • Added: Toshiba warranty scanning.
  • Added: RSS reader feed lookup.
  • Added: Improved Linux SSH scanning.
  • Added: New widget "Scanserver Assets Overview" (Enterprise version)
  • Added: Automatically .reg file generation to configure custom actions in IE.
  • Added: Linux serial and OS to asset page.
  • Added: Basic ILO and Drac assettype detection based on http headers.
  • Added: Better Xen server detection.
  • Added: Much better performance when viewing switch asset pages.
  • Fixed: Dashboard compliance does not work for upgraded v 4.x reports.
  • Fixed: Rescan does not work when run on upgraded v4.x reports.
  • Fixed: Incorrect sortorder in reports after pinging all assets.
  • Fixed: Several minor graphic glitches.
  • Fixed: User pictures report does not show images when the website runs on a virtual folder.
  • Fixed: Duplicate problem in table tblassetcustom.
  • Fixed: Duplicate Records in License Report.
  • Fixed: Not all databases are shown for each SQL server.
  • Fixed: Allowed searching for html characters"<>"
  • Fixed: Rescan does not work if the assets has no scanserver defined.
  • Fixed: Several report builder problems.
  • Fixed: Several IE8 display problems.
  • Fixed: Actions do not work in IE when using Chrome frame.
  • Fixed: Removed "Dell digital delivery" date from Warranty check.
  • Fixed: Bug when adding Software licenses that contain duplicates.
  • Fixed: Quote stripped in WOL action.
  • Fixed: Not all date fields on the edit asset page use the correct date format.
  • Fixed: E-mail alerts are now send in UTF8 to display non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed: Not all networkadapters are scanned on Hyper-v virtual machines.
  • Fixed: When exporting upgraded reports to excel the field "computerunique" is not correctly translated.


  • Fixed: NumberOfCores processor field is empty.
  • Fixed: Not all networkadapters are scanned on Hyper-v virtual machines.

Service, Website 5052

  • New: Better support for SIP phone and SIP PBX scanning.
  • New: Better support for Cisco switches serial number scanning.
  • New: Paging maximum now has the option to show "all"
  • Updated Device tester.
  • Updated Connection tester.
  • Fixed bug: Several display problems in report builder.
  • Fixed bug: Scanning status widget shows cached or outdated information in some IE versions.
  • Fixed bug: Opera report layout fix.
  • Fixed bug: Link for asset locations does not work if location name contains "+".
  • Fixed bug: The connection was closed by the server. Make sure you are connecting to an SSH or SFTP server.
  • Fixed bug: Hashing functions are now FIPS compliant.
  • Fixed bug: Scanning queue seems to be stuck when scanning more than the allowed assets for the license.
  • Fixed bug: Description lock in "edit asset" page does not save.
  • Fixed bug: Credentials are not refreshed when changing the start/end of an IP range.
  • Fixed bug: Linux servers with SNMP enabled are not scanned by SHH.
  • Fixed bug: Several "cosmetic" fixes for IE7.

Service, Website 5049

  • Fixed bug: Search for software names with "++" in the text doesn't work.
  • Fixed bug: Export for Linux and Mac reports are blank.
  • Fixed bug: Drilldown for "model" and "manufacturer" reports give blank results.
  • Fixed bug: Asset history page crashes on invalid datetime.
  • Fixed bug: Linux scanning, manufacturer is sometimes blank.
  • Fixed bug: Error importing some lspush files on SQL 2000 with case sensitive server collation.
  • Fixed bug: Several "cosmetic" fixes.

Website 5046

  • Update notice will only be displayed if user is in the configurators group.
  • Asset comments are now editable.
  • Date format yyyy/MM/dd changed to yyyy-MM-dd.
  • Fixed bug: License Compliance Report - Issues with French "Entreprise" versions.
  • Fixed bug: Firefox display problem with "&" symbol.
  • Fixed bug: Paging not visible on reports when in trial mode.
  • Fixed bug: Case sensitive parameters in report web50getScantime.
  • Fixed bug: Event source selection does not work when using a virtual folder.
  • Fixed bug: Username is used in actions instead of CN field.
  • Fixed bug: Several "cosmetic" and spelling fixes.
  • Fixed bug: Rescan Assets does not work after searching for a specific software name.

Service, Website 5044

  • Changed "All Reports" and report.aspx layout and sorting order.
  • Support for Aastra IP Phone scanning.
  • You can now clear the global SSH and VMware credentials.
  • Standard license can now be used with SQL server and SQL compact.
  • Fixed bug: The input is not a valid Base-64 string when configuring the Chart widget in Chrome or Safari browser.
  • Fixed bug: Incorrect display when group name contains "&"
  • Fixed bug: Ip scanning hangs on "EasyCoder PM4i" devices.
  • Fixed bug: Errors on case sensitive SQL server collation with case insensitive database.
  • Fixed bug: SSH credential check error in IE9.
  • Improved performance report: Web50getnonactive.
  • Improved performance report: web40replocaladmin.

Lansweeper 5.0 initial release

  • Optimized database schema (database that's up to 70% smaller, depending on scanned data)
  • Multi database support: SQL server or SQL compact
  • Standalone configuration tool is removed and integrated into the website.
  • Customizable dashboard with widgets.
  • Map assets to custom groups.
  • Add documents to assets.
  • Add comments to assets.
  • Add/edit assets on the webpage.
  • 20 Custom fields for all assets.
  • Scan/rescan, check scanning queue from the website.
  • Customizable portal per user.
  • Role based user access.
  • Possibility/API to create custom dashboard widgets.
  • Linux hardware/software scanning.
  • Apple Mac hardware/software scanning.
  • VMware hosts scanning.
  • Hyper-V hosts scanning.
  • Snmp device network configuration scanning.
  • Switch port to asset network card mapping.
  • Asset uptime scanning.
  • Active directory user scanning (sync user details from Organizational Units)
  • Improved software and OS license tracking.
  • Multiple scanning credentials per domain/IP range/asset.
  • "Live" report filtering.
  • Dell express service code.
  • Ping status on asset page.
  • Ping all assets from within a report.
  • Support for SSL smtp server (Gmail)
  • Asset warranty scanning for Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Fijutsi
  • SQL server and database inventory.


  • Fixed: Response chunk format is invalid when scanning some cisco IP phones.
  • Fixed: Mac address is 00:00:00:00:00:00 for some linux machines.

Website 4034

  • Fixed: CSV export uses incorrect date format.

Database schema 19

  • Windows 8 support
  • Windows 2012 support



  • Fixed bug in 32 bit msiinstaller software scanning on 64 bit systems.
  • Office 2010 & Office 2007 Product license correction


  • Fixed: Active directory cleanup gives unexpected results when there are domains and workgroups with the same name.
  • Fixed: Active directory lookup not working when multiple users are logged on to a terminal server.


  • Upgraded to the latest vnc version which fixes some known problems on windows 7 machines.


  • Added: Fallback to NTLM authentication for active scanning if Kerberos fails (a local error occurred)
  • Added: SSH scanning tries to scan the Mac address of linux machines.
  • Fixed: Some switches return "null" instead of an snmp OID.
  • Fixed: Last user not always scanned when using IP range scanning.


  • Fixed: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE key scanning on 64 bit machines problem.
  • Fixed: Array fields are sometimes returned without any results (IPaddress)
  • Added: Reading of REG_MULTI_SZ values.

Website 4033

  • Fixed: Error in custom reports when deviceunique field is used without field devicekey.
  • Fixed: Sort problem for some software names.

Service version

  • Fixed: Bug in stdreg enumvalues prevent scanning of empty registry keys with only a default value.
  • Added: Not supported is now shown when trying to scan REG_BINARY registry values.
  • Fixed: Insert record for tblcompcustom does not always work for lspush.
  • Fixed: Some computers are placed in the wrong domain/workgroup based on faulty nbtstat entries.
  • Fixed: A faulty MAC address of 00:00:00:00:00:00 is returned by SNMP for some Zebra printers, resulting in multiple devices being recognized as one.
  • Lspush: : Fixed: The /showresult parameter does not always return feedback.

Service version

  • E-mailing of reports now logs failures and success when debug is set to “1”
  • Fix: Some specific printer fields are returning "null" (string) values, which cannot be converted to integers. This results in a failure to scan the device.
  • Fix: The cleanup option "Automatically make non-active computers active when they are rescanned" is not executed for computers scanned with LsPush.
  • Fix: Some cisco IP phones are not discovered due to a timeout when downloading the webpage.
  • Fix: Http scanning does not work when the default proxy server requires authentication.
  • Fix: Increased eventlog scans from 100 to 500 per batch.

Website version 4032

  • Fixed error in search page when memory modules returning an empty string..

Service version

  • Several installer fixes.
  • Software scanning of certain 64-bit systems returns the error "Software: Index was outside the bounds of the array."
  • Alternate way of getting the remote logged on user for windows XP systems.
  • Small bugfixes in Lsmanage.exe.
  • Remote uninstall does not always works correctly on some 64 bit systems.

Website version 4031

  • Fixed error when searching for certain IP ranges.

Service version

  • Registry current user key scanning not always working.
  • Some software is incorrectly scanned for msi installers. (lspush and service)
  • SSH scanning hangs in some rare conditions.
  • Fixed: Deleting mail groups also deletes all reports the group is assigned to.
  • Upgrade fails When using Integrated Security=true instead of Integrated Security=SSPI
  • When opening configuration console on computer with 2 monitors, login screen is not shown in the middle of the current screen.
  • New: Support for Cisco IP phone scanning.
  • Automatic rename of server to fix error :multiple scanning servers requires the enterprise version.
  • Updated ultidev webserver which fixes some known problems with DCOM.
  • Not all software packages found under Add/Remove Programs are shown in Remote Uninstall on 64 bit systems.
  • Fixed: Remote screenshot shows an old screenshot of the computer instead of giving an error when the computer is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Remote screenshot fails to delete temporary folder on remote system.

Website version 4030

  • Fixed incorrect currency in license overview pages.
  • Fixed printer out of toner reports.

Service version

  • Fixed bug in eventlog mailing.

Website version 4029

  • Fixed error on Computer model page.

Service version

  • User persistent mapped drives scanning.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key scanning.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER software scanning.
  • Device mac addresses are now scanned with Snmp.
  • Snmp version 2 support for device scanning.
  • Option to delete old computer logon history.
  • Devices with closed ports can now be scanned based on Mac address.
  • Monitor manufactured date changed to "real" date.
  • Software install date changed to "real" date.
  • Eventlog scanning now scans only errors by default (this can be changed in the configuration tool)
  • 32 bit serial numbers are now automatically scanned on 64 bit systems. (no need to include "wow6432node")
  • Software detail screen for a computer can now be exported to excel,xml,csv
  • Active directory lookups are now cached for improved performance.
  • Active scanning waittime change from 8 hours to 20 hours.
  • Unique field for devices changed to mac address (where possible), "roaming" devices are detected.
  • Instant configuration refresh on changes. (no need to wait 15 minutes)
  • Improved device vendor detection.
  • Improved windows detection with IP range scanning.
  • Various memory and speed optimalisations.
  • Lspush.exe (located in lansweeper\client folder)
  • Installer now uses UWS webserver as default instead of IIS express.
  • Fixed bug: Service hangs on windows 2008 R2 when aborting some scans.
  • Fixed bug: Timeout in webconsole history screen.
  • Fixed bug: incorrect mac address returned by some routers.
  • Fixed bug: website error in Turkish culture.
  • Fixed bug: alternate credentials in IP range scanning not always working.

Service version

  • Fixed a credential bug in IP range scanning.
  • Fixed a bug in http output of the service.
  • Fixed a rare service deadlock condition.

Service version

  • Fixed an authentication problem for some untrusted domains.
  • Fixed a bug in active directory users cleanup.

Service version

  • Fixed a bug in Adobe software scanning.

Service version

  • Improved software scanning. (faster scanning, much less network traffic)
  • Software version now shows the exact same version as in "add/remove programs"
  • Fixed bug in cleanup actions.
  • Fixed bug in eventlog scanning which gave duplicates in some time zones.
  • Fixed bug : ip address of some scanned computers is blank.
  • Installer changed to unicode.
  • Fixed several installer problems.
  • Lansweeper build-in webserver has been replaced by IIS express (which supports integrated authentication)
  • Fixed problem with lsremote.exe crashing on windows 2008 R2
  • Remove port 445 check from remote screenshot, remote uninstall and remote control.

Service version

  • Sql log file is automatically shrunk after long running cleanup operations.

Website version 4020

  • Fixed IP sorting bug.
  • Added "update" check for new versions.

Service version

  • Fixed bug: Set computers to non-active if disabled in active directory not always working
  • Fixed bug: Device serial numbers are cleared after update of the device.
  • Fixed bug: Linux servers in some languages cannot be scanned.
  • Increased timeout for eventlog scanning.

Config tool

  • Fixed bug: Timeout in IP exclusions in lsmanage.exe.

Website version 4019

  • Fixed bug: Date sorting with empty dates.

Service version

  • Fixed bug which caused workgroup scanning to loop sometimes.

Config tool

  • You can now add and change all device types.
  • Workgroup scanning moved to different tab.
  • Added scrollbar in the menu panel.
  • Fixed bug which made it impossible to save some fields.

Website version 4018

  • Added searching for ordernumber for computers and devices.
  • Added search for all custom fields for computers and devices.
  • Added searching for serialnumber for devices.
  • Added searching for barcode for devices.
  • Devices without an IP address can now be added.
  • Changed report: Not Latest Service Pack Win2008 R2 to service pack 1
  • Changed report: Not Latest Service Pack Windows 7 to service pack 1

Service version

  • Fixed a problem with case sensitive sql collations.

Config tool

  • Fixed: cannot save actionpath when it is updated by another user.
  • Made the "mailgroup" field in Report mailing selection a required field.

Website version 4016

  • Fixed a problem with cyrillic usernames.

Service version

  • New and faster scan engine (less database hits)
  • File scanning now scans files last changed dates
  • Printer toner volume, printed pages, serial number scanning
  • Optional Success and Information eventlog scanning & reporting
  • IPnumeric: numeric ip address field which can be used for report sorting
  • Support for %programfiles(x86)% in file scanning
  • Active scanning for workgroups.
  • Fixed problem with wrong datetime in eventlog scanning.
  • Fixed problem with hanging of http/ftp scanning.
  • Fixed RPC server crashes in windows 2008 R2.
  • Fixed CPU usage problems with scanning of large IP ranges.

Config tool

  • New design
  • Support for antivirus reports
  • Batch rescan computers & devices
  • New cleanup option: remove disabled users
  • New cleanup option: remove or make non-active disabled computers
  • Support for SMTP server authentication
  • Support for grouping by ip range (IP locations)

Website version 4015

  • Computer & Device hover box
  • Lasttried field added to computer scanning.
  • Rescan & Full scan computers & devices from the actions page
  • Rescan and full rescan buttons for all computers in a report
  • Full history timeline of changes
  • Timeline of changes per computer
  • SMBIOSAssetTag search
  • added {mac} as a device action parameter
  • Added support for yyyy-mm-dd date format
  • Ip Location naming based on subnets
  • Support for custom actions in Chrome
  • 23 new reports

Service version

  • Fixed a bug which caused the service to crash in rare conditions.

Service version

  • Fixed timeout with user search.
  • Fixed a problem with the installer on sql server 2008 64 bit.
  • Fixed a display problem in the domain overview.
  • Fixed duplicate license reports.
  • Fixed a problem with computer names longer than 15 characters.

Service version

  • Fixed problem when the scanning server was set in the Turkish locale.
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010 license key scanning.
  • Generic Microsoft Office license key scanning (no need to enter individual registry keys anymore).
  • Scanning servers now set their last seen time according to the database server's time zone.

Service version

  • Fixed problem is adsi scheduled scanning in large networks.

Website version 4006-4007

  • Fixed problem in "add custom device" screen
  • Fixed AM/PM hour problem

Service version

  • Fixed: Adsi schedule sometimes skips enabled ranges.
  • Fixed: Ip scanning hangs on ftp port scanning.
  • Fixed: Computer names longer than 15 characters give "dns redirected to wrong name".
  • Speed enhancement in IP range scanning.
  • Sofware version longer than 100 characters are truncated.
  • Upgraded snmp library, now supports unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Some computers report the ipv6 IP instead of the ipv4 IP.
  • Fixed: Some computers are shows as NAS devices.
  • Fixed an issue where WMI returned the logged on user as domain\domain\username.

Website version 4005

  • Fixed: Computer model gives an error on blank computer vendors.
  • Fixed: Workgroup servers & workgroup computers count are switched.
  • Fixed: Timeout in software license screen.
  • Fixed: Database connection isn't properly closed when performing searches.
  • Fixed: Custom date fields cannot be cleared.
  • Fixed: Some date formats cannot be saved.

Database schema 5

  • Fixed: Wildcards for domain in unauthorised reports doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Workgroup servers & computers count queries.

Service version

  • Set computers to non-active if not found in AD not always triggered
  • Scheduled ip scanning now always triggered at the correct time
  • Old Eventlog entries are not always deleted
  • Memory enhancement in some functions
  • Alert Reporting engine Keeps sending the same error

Website version 4004

  • Domain reports now show error computers in red and non-active computers in gray color
  • Diskspace is now in red color when less than 10% free
  • website lansweeper.DLL is now strong named
  • Fixed error in user OU list
  • Fixed unicode error in it-oslicense.aspx
  • Computer page now shows clearly when a computer is in error state
  • If Fqdn exists it is shown on the computer page
  • User actions with commas do not work
  • Fixed: Editing devices losing information in quotes
  • Speed enhancement in License compliance web page
  • Fixed Error in Computer OU Overview
  • Fixed warning for mixed content when using https and internet explorer

Database schema 4

  • Fixed problem with conficker worm report
  • Fixed problem with Monitor info Report
  • Changed database object web40Allerrors
  • Changed database object Web40getdomain
  • Changed database object web401comp
  • Windows 7 RC, NT4 server en NT 3.51 workstation added to operating system list
  • Fixed problem with report not latest service pack XP for XP x64
  • Software with an empty publisher is now shown in the software list

Service version

  • Scheduled adsi or computer scanning keeps on running after the specified schedule.
  • If you enable "refresh active directory users at night" you can lock out user accounts.
  • a disconnect of lsclient causes the webserver to crash
  • service crashes with error "Attempted to read or write protected memory."
  • set computers to non-active if not seen in the last X days is not always triggered.
  • Optimized Device scanning processor time.
  • Samba domain usernames are not gathered.

Website version 4003

  • Freeware version can now search for usernames and see the last logged on computer.
  • Diskspace usage is now shown on the action screen.
  • User actions for usernames with commas don't work.
  • Recent changes softwareNA doesn't display computer name.

Lsmanage.exe version

  • Fixed: #Purchased and #Price gets reset to the default values when you add new software to license management.
  • Error: 00:00:00 in not a valid time
  • Error: Unable to save IP range scanning schedule

Version 4.0 changes (major update):

All versions (including freeware):

  • Completely new intuitive web interface
  • Over 200 standard reports included
  • Powersearch bar (search everything from one place)
  • Scanning of enclosure bays (chassis)
  • Multiple software license enhancements
  • Full unicode support
  • Rewritten scan engine and optimized database
  • Multiple report alert pages and customisation
  • Optional "-1" value for waittime to completely disable scanning of an item.
  • Option to change the display name of the custom fields (custom1,custom2,...)
  • Governer that kills long running and locked up scanning threads
  • New option for lsclient /scanonip to support vpn users
  • New installer that supports IIS and Lansweeper build-in webserver.
  • Integrated google software search
  • Numerous small enhancements and bug fixes


  • Device scanning: discover routers, printers, linux, switches, ... (snmp, ssh, http, ...)
  • Windows eventlog error scanning and alert mailing
  • Hardware and software change detection + history timeline
  • Scheduled IP range scanning
  • Alert report mailing (selected reports and alerts can be automatically mailed to configurable groups)
  • Export reports to excel,csv and xml from the web interface
  • Product key scanning now supports Microsoft,Adobe and plain text keys. (300+ software key locations included)
  • Computer attached monitor scanning (model,manufacturer,serial number)
  • Linux harddisk usage scanning
  • OU scanning for active directory users
  • Enhanced active directory integration
  • Active directory cleanup actions
  • Schedule scanning of computers and ADSI paths
  • Custom user actions (reset password, unlock account,...)


  • Support for multiple scanning servers with different configurations

Version 3.5.2 (update 2) changes:


  • Support for windows 7 scanning.
  • Fixed a problem in active scanning where some computers couldn't be found because of time-out's to the domain controllers.
  • Fixed a problem where only 1000 computers could be returned by a DC at one time (this gave problems in networks with over 20.000 AD objects)
  • Changed the scanning of a non-trusted domain controller from computername to fqdn.
  • Fixed and issue where some computers where placed in the wrong domain.
  • Changed the way the license key works, added an additional 25 days to the end date.
  • When browsing to you can now see if premium is working and if active scanning is enabled.
  • Fixed a problem when incorrect information was gathered because of a wrong dns setup.
  • Some minor bug fixes and speed enhancements.


  • Changed from console to windows application (no more command line popups)
  • Added extra parameter "/showresult" for testing purposes.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect domain name was detected.
  • Lsclient now has support for samba domains.


  • Sorting is now case insensitive.
  • Configurable timeouts for long script operations.


  • Changed Thumbimage.dll for faster thumbnail generation of user pictures.
  • The website now shows clearly when your license key expires.
  • After the license end-date you will have 25 additional days to renew your license while the service still keeps on working.

Premium tools:

  • New tool: Remote uninstall (allows you to remotely uninstall msi packages from computers)
  • Updated: Report builder now has an msaccess like interface
  • Updated: Remote control support for windows 7
  • Updated: Remote screenshot support for windows 7

Version 3.5.1 (update 1) changes:

New features

  • Firefox plugin to allow custom actions in Firefox.
  • User details screen now shows all computers where this user logged on.
  • Alternate credentials for Active scanning now also works for non-trusted domains. (This requires you to specify both the DNS name of the domain and the Netbios name)

Updated features/Bugs fixed

  • Scanning of clients has been reworked : it first tries on DNShostname (from active directory), then on Computername, then on IP address. This will solve some RPC server unavailable problems for clients with incorrect DNS settings (Hostnames resolving to the wrong IP address)
  • SQL scripting has been updated in both Lsupdate and Lsmanage to solve timeout and other problems.
  • Software and user search in the webconsole now supports unicode characters.
  • Software and user search now supports spaces " " in the dropdown box autofill.
  • Approved software with unicode characters can now be used.
  • Changing threads and listenports value now works correctly from the lsmanage tool.
  • Some reports showed "KB" where it should have been "MB".
  • IP Address field has been extended to support IPv6.
  • __vmware_user__ is now ignored as a logged on user.
  • Improved error handling when a custom actions doesn't work as expected.
  • Fixed: Service dies when SQLserver is not available for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Fixed: String or binary data would be truncated when Copy/pasting license key.
  • Fixed: Active scanning could sometimes not locate all domain controllers in a domain.
  • Fixed: Active scanning skipped computers where the DNShostname property was empty in Active directory
  • Fixed: Active scanning stopped working when an empty domain name or OU was filled in.
  • Fixed: Active scanning sometimes stopped when a domain controller was not responsive.

Version 3.5 changes:

Changes in both freeware and premium version:

  • Lansweeper can now be installed on Windows 2008 servers and on SQL 2008.
  • Most database fields have been changed to Unicode to support special characters.
  • Memory information for computers is now scanned (Banks used, speed, memory type, ...)
  • You can now use custom filled in information for all your computers (purchase date, warranty date, location, order number, ....)
  • You can now manually change the state of each scanned computer (Active,sold,stolen,broken,...) This can be used to archive old computers instead of deleting them, it can also be used to create custom reports based on the state of the computer.
  • The service status and scanned computers can now be monitored from the web interface.
  • Version information from scanned files can now be monitored from the web interface.
  • Scanned registry values can now be monitored from the web interface.
  • Database timeouts problems on slower servers have been solved.
  • Software now scans the software's install date (if applicable)
  • The computer's last know ip address has been added to the web interface and it can now be used as a parameter {ipaddress} in the custom action screen.
  • White listed activeX controls can now be added using the management console.
  • Support for Vendor support links which searches on model names instead of asset tags (Hewlett Packard,IBM,...)
  • The service now scans by default on the FQDN of the computer instead of the IP address (which sometimes caused remote lookup failures)
  • Remote registry scanning now uses WMI : this means the remote registry service is not required anymore. (it was disabled by default on vista)
  • Remote file scanning now uses WMI : this means that access to administrative fileshares "C$" is not required anymore.
  • WMI scanning speed has been improved (in our tests up to 4 times faster on some machines)
  • The service performance has been greatly improved by caching data and less hits on the database.
  • The connectiontester has been updated to scan for the needed WMI access.
  • You can now exclude certain machines from being scanned.
  • Bug fixed : Important memory leak in the scanning engine.
  • Bug fixed : Not all installed software is scanned on some machines.
  • Bug fixed : some tables could not be sorted in the web interface.
  • Bug fixed : duplicate scanned items in the database.
  • Bug fixed : custom action "open admin share" has an incorrect syntax.
  • Bug fixed : the correct FQDN name of the host is now gathered from active directory.
  • Bug fixed : if for some reason the domain could not be found, the domain "unknown" is used.
  • Various other small bugs fixed.

Changes in the premium version:

  • Remote screenshot grabber now works on vista and vista64.
  • Remote screenshot grabber now supports multiple screens.
  • Active scanning can now be configured from the GUI console instead of editing config files.
  • Serial numbers for Microsoft products can now be recovered (Windows, office, exchange, sqlserver, ...)
  • The freeware version only allows to scan the current domain (unlimited clients), the premium version can scan multiple domains and forests.
  • Active scanning can now be configured to scan only the domains you want. (not the complete forest anymore)
  • Active scanning can now be filtered to scan only certain OU's/active directory paths in a domain. (if you don't want to scan the whole domain)
  • Active scanning now scans the current logged on user. (previous version needed lsclient for this)
  • The report builder and report exporter now supports unicode fields.
  • Scanning different domains can now use alternate scan (domain\username) credentials.
  • Bug fixed : comments and company could not be scanned for active directory computers.
  • Bug fixed : the service sometimes scans on a wrong fqdn name if you use subdomains.
  • Bug fixed : memory leak in active scanning.
  • Various bugs fixed in the report builder.
  • Instead of using config files and replacing executables the premium activation now uses a license key.