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Lansweeper asset management

IT Asset Management & Inventory Software

Lansweeper takes detailed software and hardware inventories of your computers and scans all devices in your network.
  • Agent free scanning.
  • Unlimited clients.
  • Over 250 default network reports.
  • Scalable to thousands of assets.
Find all computers and devices in your network
Lansweeper asset management automatically scans, and rescans when necessary, all of your network computers and devices. PCs that are not part of your network can be inventoried as well, thanks to the agent based scanning method included in premium subscription plans.
Lansweeper offers several scanning methods, both agent and non-agent based. Your scanning setup can therefore be tailored to your specific wants and needs.
Asset detail
Use one of the overview pages or custom sort your machines
Computers and devices are automatically sorted into categories to provide you with quick overviews of your network. Devices are organized by device type; computers are organized by domain, model, OS and OU. IP range locations can be created as well to custom sort your machines.
Asset report
Manage users and machines through custom actions
On each computer, user and device webpage you will find an actions screen that allows you to perform common administrative tasks. Access Windows services on a client machine, perform a Wake-on-LAN, reset a user's password and more! The possibilities are endless, as you can add your own custom actions as well.
All premium subscription plans also include access to the advanced computer actions "Take screenshot", "Remote control" and "Uninstall software".
Custom actions
Track changes that occur
Your Lansweeper installation retains a history for computer software, as well as a variety of hardware and other details. All of these changes can be tracked through the web console. Simply choose one of the asset inventory items from the dropdown list to view the changes that occurred for that item.
Change tracking
Hundreds of built-in reports
Your Lansweeper installation comes packed with hundreds of built-in reports. Reports are available for both computers and devices and cover a wide range of topics such as software, hardware, computer services, active directory, printer toner statuses and more!
You can build your own reports from scratch as well. The Lansweeper report builder is powered by SQL, which makes reporting extremely versatile.
Lansweeper reports
View and prioritize reports using the dashboard
Both built-in and custom reports can be prioritized and added to report pages. This allows you to review the specific network information you are interested in.
If you want to track software changes for instance, you can add one of the built-in software reports to a report page and assign it high priority. You can even opt to have the report emailed to you on a daily basis.
Dashboard reports
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